Friday, December 8

Light a candle

Today, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical monolith that charges nearly $1000 for a 30 day supply of one of its HIV/AIDS medications, is donating $1 to the National AIDS Fund for each person who simply visits their website and "virtually lights a candle."

Please, please take a minute to "light a candle":

Light To Unite

Please repost! It really only takes a second, and can make a world of difference in someone's life!

Tis the season to help!

Today, Bristol-Myers Squibb, the pharmaceutical monolith that charges nearly $1000 for a 30 day supply of one of its HIV/AIDS medications, is donating $1 to the National AIDS Fund for each person who simply visits their website and "virtually lights a candle."

Please, please take a minute to "light a candle":

Light To Unite

Please repost! It really only takes a second, and can make a world of difference in someone's life!

Tis the season to help!

Every Christmas Story Ever Told!!

Want to see a funny show? Tired of all those traditional stuffy Christmas shows? Come to see Every Xmas Story Ever Told!! at the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival.

I am blessed with this show. I have a crew who knows what's up, a permanent staff who are all on top of things and some damn funny actors.

I am feeling pretty lucky right now considering the craziness of this year in general.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 16

Week One

Current weight 237.8 lbs.

Well so I did okay. I lost 6 lbs. I didn't excersize as much as I should but this is a nice start, eh?

I'm happy with it.

The diet is easy and I am getting used to eating so often and stuff. I cheated last night and had pizza and cookies and paid for it with an upset stomach all evening.


Monday, October 9

Open Season

*All photos are from the Utah Shakespearean Festival website and may not be reproduced without permission.

(John Bisom as Johnny Guitar and Misty Cotton as Vienna in Johnny Guitar)

Well we are up and running and through the first week. It was a crazy ride and sometimes I was just hanging on for dear life, but we made it through and the shows are damn funny if I do say so myself.

(Melinda Pfundstein as Emma in Johnny Guitar)

Johnny Guitar (my show) had 4 shows this week and understudy rehearsal so it was a busy time. Did I mention that one of the shows started at NINE A.M? Yeah. Good thing my show is so short!

(Left to Right:(Back Row)Mark Light-Orr as McIvers, Matthew-Lee Erlbach as Posse (Front Row)Martin Swoverland as Posse, John Bisom as Johnny, Geroge Walker as Turkey, Michael Reed as Posse, Michael Sharon as Dancin' Kid)

There have been a bunch of parties since we opened, Opening Night, Ben's B.I.G Party (one of my personal FAVORITES), Martin's Wine and Cheese do-dah, Martin and Bree's Birthday (The best of the season I think - special thanks to Jamie for graciously hosting even though Mason was trying to rough her up!!!), Ray's birthday, Jim's Going Away party..... all fun and great. But taxing. I had to make myself sit down and write this instead of taking a nap like I want to!!!!!!!!

Okay I will post the archival video clips when they come out and let you know what is coming up. Dabbie and I are going to have a Tappas Fall 'o Ween Party soon. We have not figured out which weekend yet!!!!!!!


And so it begins...

Okay so I got this program called the 6 week body makeover because it is short and I feel like I can commit to something this length. If it works out I will probably keep it up but I am just trying it out because it has interested me for a few years and it is still on the market so it must have some merits.

Current weight: 243.8

Wednesday, September 13


Yeah so we are in tech. I had my 8 out of 10 and it went well. We had our stolen 5 hours (from Peg's tech time) and it went well so now we are gearing up for a 10 out of 12 tomorrow! AAAARRRRGH!



Friday, September 8


Yeah so my Johnny Guitar photocall was so cool! My actors all looked awesome in their Old West garb. All the boys walked over together and they looked just like a posse coming string someone up!

I also went to Peg 'o My Heart photocall to see Cooper. He's a star! Here are some of the photos I took of him during the call.


Friday, September 1

Help the Superhero Party

Okay so Mike got fined $150 for the Superhero Party.



Thanks guys! It's a shame that the summer had to end like this but worry not - - OUR PLIGHT HAS NOT GONE UNNOTICED.

It's the last weekend and I hope you have a great time.


Saturday, August 26

I am trying something

Weight 236

BMI 39.3

I bought a diet and exercise program that I have heard really good things about. I'll be starting it as soon as it arrives. As for now.... rehearsal is a pretty good diet since I can't really have dinner...only time for a slim fast bar or something like it.


Wednesday, August 23

I can't, I have rehearsal....

238 lbs. BMI 42

I must resolve to give up fast food. I was doing really well until Fall Season started and then there was rehearsal....

But we are settling in to a routine and I am able to focus my attention on eating better again.

Feeling pretty lame only losing 4 lbs in 3 weeks, but I suppose everyone must start somewhere.

On the bright side my show is moving along nicely. I have a great team and *knock on wood* things are going pretty well. We are in the easy part right now though, so still plenty of time for me to muck it up!

Yay the Superhero party is coming!

Better run, work in an hour.


Tuesday, August 22



COLLEGE AVE. (AKA Windsor Ct.)

Saturday, August 26

11:00p to WHENEVER!!!

and remember...................



NO P A R T Y !!!!!!!!!


Now I am not actually hosting this year....... I didn't have time to get it together and so Mike R. and his krew are handling all the preparations. I am SO glad there will be one this year. Can you believe this will be the 6th year????? I can't. Is there anyone out there (besides me) who has been to all of them? I would love to know.

Here are some cool Superheros from the past......

The Wet Blanket

Captain Cock Blocker

Magnetic Colon Man

The Nomenclature

Jay and Silent Bob

The Purtiy Twins

SUPER Mary Kate and Ashley

Wonder Woman


Can anyone name the 12-16 characters that John G. did over the years????????

Come as something cool. You don't have to have an elaborate costume....just be creative and have fun!

See you there!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 3

The Tipping Point

How much is too much?

As a morbidly obese female, I am part of the 55% of women in the U.S. who are overweight. 55% of women and 63% of men! This is according to, so take that as you will.

If this is so, how come it is okay - even the norm - - to make fun of me? Not me, personally, of course. But fat people in general?

When I was fairly young, my parents got a divorce and suddenly everything was different for me. My mom went to work and I was left for hours at a babysitter's. I had no control over anything. I had to play what the big kids wanted to play, watch what they watched, etc. Then I got old enough to be a latch-key kid. Suddenly I could do what I wanted. I could play my stupid made up games and watch Scooby doo instead of playing Superfriends and watching Dukes of Hazzard (not that there is anything wrong with that). But more importantly, I could eat whatever I wanted.

I had this friend, Sarah, who had working parents like me; and we would go to the grocery store and pretend we were grown ups. They only problem was we could only afford candy. So we got it; and pretended it was real food. I had candy dinner lots of times.

My mom worked hard to support us and I had a lot of fast food meals growing up. This was before everyone realized trans-fat could kill. A time when a Happy Meal was still happy - - if you will. I don't blame my mom for my weight, and you shouldn't either.

Anyway, long story short - - a lot of crap to eat and long hours in front of the TV made me what I am today. A 240lb. bum. (Yeah, that's a lot of ass.)

I have heard my share of fat jokes and snide remarks. Although I should remind you that less than half of the population can MAKE these jokes... I have been called a beached whale, fat ass, lardo - - I am sure the list goes on and on and on. I stopped listening a long time ago. I surrounded myself with friends who didn't care about my size or at least who never said anything derogatory to my face. I liked to think that people liked me for me. I surrounded myself in a soft blanket of forgiving pals who helped shield me from the real world. You know - - that harsh place where men call all women bitches. That place where it is okay to look at a women and say "I don't know what is more disgusting-that woman's fat ass or her daughters'." That place where it's acceptable to call gay men faggot and pussy and in general make fun of everyone else. That place where you live.

Now - - what is my tipping point? When do I say enough is enough? When I am laying in bed at night promising myself I wont cheat on my diet the next day? When I hear some drunk guy singing Fat People Got No Reason to Live? Or maybe when I am humiliated in a restaurant? And what should I do? Lose weight, right, I get it. Stop caring what other people think (yeah right). Not care? Just doesn't seem like a real option. Oh I know, turn to my friends. Yup, I run away. I may seem like the type to get all mad and in your face....but that's just a front. If you make me cry it will be a long time coming before I will look you in the eye again. I can make you cease to exist in my fat little world.

Now, is that the right thing to do? Run away? Nope. It's probably the worst option because then the people who have hurt you are free to do, say and think anything they want without knowing exactly how you feel. Hey man, I never said I was normal or rational - - it's just my coping mechanism and I have been using it for my whole life.

Anyway, I digress. My point here is that I am not going to run away from my obesity anymore. I'm through pretending that I'm just a little overweight. My freaking BMI is 42. That means that almost half of me is fat. I AM disgusting. I probably don't deserve to be loved (luckily for me I am loved so FUCK YOU, realworlder).

Okay so the whole idea here is to put myself out there for real. Reach the tipping point. Tell my real weight, stop hiding. I'm trying to exist in the real world. It's a scary place. I think I have lost friends being here and that really sucks, but I am here now and thats what matters. I have to find a happy place that I can live in - - yet still exist in in reality.

I am still trying to learn that one lesson... I am the most important person in my life.

If you are there for me, great - - if not - - see ya. My fat ass is going down, enough is enough.

Saturday, June 24

Whoa it's over already?

I can't believe today is my last day. Where the hell did the time go? It seems like I have only been here a week or two. My mom sent me an email to remind me I would be home in 5 days. Crazy. I'll see Matt is 6 days. YAY! Cooper and Kenzie will be there too. We are surprising Kenzie, she doesn't know I am coming at all. heh heh

Dude. I start traveling at 11am and don't get in until 9p. Freaking loooong ass day. It's a 10 out of 12 without the 2 hour break!!!!!!! heh heh

I'm going to the ocean though, that is always nice. Yay for salt air and coldish water! Yay for my parents screened in pool. Yay for visiting and fluffy dogs and orchids.


Sorry, getting carried away.

If I don't see you before I go, fear not, I'll be back in a couple of weeks. I'm spending a week in FL and then Matt and Co. will be here for 10 days then I'm off to Boulder (I think).

Yay for a fun summer!

I miss you already.


The Birthday Party is tonight!

Okay I know I have been remiss in posting. Sue me.
Here is a VERY important piece of info:

BIRTHDAY PARTY for PETEY (If you don't know him, come meet him - - he needs to get laid!!!!!!)
$5 donation requested

We made the juice last night (I cut all the apples!!!!!!!) and it is going to be epic.

FOR the love of all things Holy - - come drink


....if you are over 21, that is

I would like to point out that this is a throwback from the POGG parties of Olde. If you know Clark or Ogg or Kate you should come lift your glass to them.



Today is my last day..... see notlistening for a blog on it.

Saturday, June 17


My last day is in a week.



I'll be going home in 12 days.


I'll be back in 18 days.

That's more normal.



One of my pals may be having a quickie Vegas wedding with her beau. (No I wont tell you whom. She can tell you herself, damnit)



I should start making some plans for my off time.



What's up?

(Yeah I am stuck in the office, bored off my hiney - - waiting waiting waiting for 10p so I can go home, shower and head to VEGAS!)

Sorry Bowling Party - - we already made plans. Maybe next year.



My last day is in a week.



I'll be going home in 12 days.


I'll be back in 18 days.

That's more normal.



One of my pals may be having a quickie Vegas wedding with her beau. (No I wont tell you whom. She can tell you herself, damnit)



I should start making some plans for my off time.



What's up?

(Yeah I am stuck in the office, bored off my hiney - - waiting waiting waiting for 10p so I can go home, shower and head to VEGAS!)

Sorry Bowling Party - - we already made plans. Maybe next year.


Monday, May 29

Hell Yeah I was at the BBQ....WHERE WERE YOU???

Okay so the mountain BBQ was yesterday. We got there fashionably late at 4p (it started at 3p) and walked into an almost barren dining room. WTF? We checked outside and saw a small group of people sitting near the grill. No one playing volleyball, no one playing football, Frisbee, horseshoes.... No hikers. *blink* Did you all forget your coats and had to stay home? Did you somehow forget to show up? BOOOOOOO on those of you who didn't show! They actually shut down the grill at around 5p because no one was eating anymore.

We grabbed some food and headed down to the playground. Several people followed and as we started a game of horseshoe some other activities started. There was an 6 person volleyball game and some people playing catch until enough players showed to make the football game. Jess captured all of us playing on her trusty camera. (Thanks Jess!)

After the MFin's (Gi-Love and Mekano) beat the pants off of the MFer's (Diggity and J-mizzle) in horseshoes we all went over to cheer for the footballers....oops I mean the people playing football. heh heh. As you may know - - Trudykins started a tradition a few years back where the spectators shouted terms from OTHER sports like: FORE! and TRAVELING! and GOAL!!!!! I felt it needed to continue and so started shouting. I explained to the crowd what they needed to do - - but they were too amused by me to join in so I was all alone in my screaming. Don't worry Trudy - - I made you proud.

I am sad that so many of you didn't come. I am afraid Co. Mgmt. will cancel this in the future due to poor turn out. YOU GUYS MISSED A GREAT TIME!

Okay I didn't take any pictures because I suck. But Jess did and I will see if I can't get some from her or someone else to put up here.

All that is left to say is this: THANKS COMPANY MANAGEMENT FOR A GREAT TIME!!!!

oh yeah - - I do have something else to say....

The Hat Posse rocks, bitches! You better represent!

Cliggity Clark: call me


Matty- I love you!


Thursday, May 25

Mountain BBQ

Ahh the BBQ.

It's this Sunday up the canyon. You better be there, bitches! It is so much fun. I will be taking some photos to put up here for all of you who can't be with us this weekend.

3:00p to 7:00p.

I know we will all miss Petey's DJ stylings, but I'm sure Company Management will find someone to replace him. They have been asking around.

My car is full - - sorry!!!!!

Okay see you there!

Wednesday, May 17

I've got nuttin'

I feel like I should post because its been a week or more since my last one.


Things seem to be going fine. Rehearsals are progressing, I have had 2 secondaries! YAY! I heard I might have another one tomorrow. *sigh* it does get a little boring in the office all day.

On an up note, I have lost 3 lbs. I am not on a diet, but I am exercising more and I am trying to not eat fast food. Since I have been here, I have only had Wendy's once and Panda Express once and that's it for fast food. YEAH! I know, can you believe it?

YES I know this is supposed to be about the festival and not about me....... but I don't know what to write.


Today is Carey Lawless' birthday so if you know her, you better email her. We SM's sent her a gift certificate for and a card. YAY! Although I think we would all agree we are doing fine without her, *sigh* I think we all miss her. No, I KNOW we all miss her.

Have you seen little Orlando? The youngest Sham-a-lam-a? He's ADORABLE! O M G!!!!!!

What else? Hmmm....

Well I guess that's all she wrote.....Literally..... heh ehhehehehehehe


Tuesday, May 9

Ahhh the Company Meeting and the BBQ

Change change change

That's the theme this year.

The Company meeting was no exception! Fred opened with a joke about his lack of real hair. YES HE DID! Alan Ames killed with some jokes about how tough he is. Jim and Kathleen gave moving and eloquent speeches about being true to the words and bringing truth to a world filled with spin doctors. Scott told us who is now doing what and they all stood up so we could check them out!
Heather told us that we are living on PLANET BARD (and was quite PUNNY!!!)
Eric told us not to piss her off by coming to the Sugar Shack window at intermission. She also ordered new jacket styles and they are cool! (I got the polar fleece one!!!!!)

There were no give away's at the Ellis Island portion of our journey this year...... *snif*

BUT Bresnan cable was there as well as Gold's Gym and Wells Fargo.

The Festival provides basic cable for Equity members. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT????!!!!??????? It's just a perk they give us, they aren't required. I love them for this. We really only get 12 channels (but we get 2 versions of each on so we really have 24!). YAY!

Anyway, back to the meeting. So Fred didn't give his "you will get dry in places you didn't know you had" speech to the full company. I heard he did give it to the actors though, so that's good. No one told us not to say the F word or how bad it is to say the G word in this we are just passing that word around.

The meeting was short and pretty fun. I was not bored once. NO REALLY!

Okay here is a piece of gossip-like info..... the Bowling Party is not listed on our parties list. Heather said at the meeting that it didn't mean we AREN'T having one, just that it has not yet been scheduled. Hopefully it will all get worked out! No bowling party would just be sad!

The BBQ was only okay. I'm not going to lie to you. It was in the Adams Courtyard (probably because they were afraid it was going to rain) AND THE COURTYARD IS TOO FREAKING SMALL FOR ALL OF US!!!!!! The tables were so close together that fat asses like me couldn't get through without bumping people on both sides. Plus there were not enough chairs for everyone. The food is always the same and that's cool. The cookies were AWESOME this year though. Lots of homemade and only a few store bought. The prizes were very small. Only about 4 or 5 things to the company members and about the same for the Guild. (Although I would have rather had ANY of the Guild's prizes - - dinner at Milt's and a trip to Zion Nation Park) over our stuff (Pasta Basket - Laundry Basket - Breakfast Basket) but I have been here for a while and so I have all the stuff they were giving out. Remember the days of 20 or more prizes scattered over the course of a couple hours? That was cool.

Well at this BBQ the speeches were short (although I am now in love with a guy who I think is part of the Utah State Senate who tried to pass a bill to get a Utah Shakes license plate and who told us we help contribute 64 million dollars to the economy here - - then he told a touching story about one of his grandchildren....) and then the prizes were quick and I kid you not - - I was back home within 30 minutes. It broke up that fast. I don't know, maybe that is what the plan was, but I didn't feel like I had nearly as much fun as usual. As soon as the drawings were over the whole party seemed to exit en masse. BOO! What happened to hanging out and meeting people??? Well I left too so I can't really talk, eh???????

Anyway - - the new job is cool but weird all at once. I am not involved with any shows! BOO! but I know who everyone is so watch out! heh heh heh

Okay an update soon, but I hope I will even know any gossip since I am only in the office.


Tuesday, May 2

Watching American Idol....

Yup, it's true. People are in the living room and we are all looking at the TV watching people sing. Right now we are watching Katherine and she is not doing so hot.

I have not unpacked or even gotten my stuff out of storage but I am glued to the awfulness of the Katie Holmes lookalike. Oh my they told her they liked her dress... wow.

OKay so the first day of work was fun. We went to the Pastry Pub, then we got our pictures taken, got keys and went to lunch. Next, I went shopping with Jamie for a long time. Oh is that the end of my day? Yup! heh heh

The SM's are all cool and I am excited to get moving. ...... someday I will really.

Wednesday, April 26

It's time, it's time.

Last load of laundry is in the dryer.

I got a pedi today and it's a cute orangy-pink with a blue flower on my big toes. *giggle* I like it.

Matty is grilling filet mignon tonight and I'm making baked potato, Caesar salad and French bread. Did you know Caesar salad was originally meant to be eaten with the fingers? I didn't but I think its sort of cool.

The car is almost packed. *sigh*

The dog is laying on my foot. I think he knows something is up. He is usually laying at the back door trying to get at the lizards this time of day.

My first stop is KY to see JustHell and their cutest bebe. They moved so hopefully I can find the new place in the dark.

Next up is the breadbasket of the country. And finally an evening with Katie Bear! Then an easy 8 hours and I am back in ole Cedar. Seems like I just left, eh?

I forgot to get a mother's day card for Pam from Kenzie. Damn it. Why can't I just get everything done at once????

I think Judie said Zaky Poo left today. Yay he will be there when I mosey in. Jamie says its the same. What a surprise.


I am excited though! Yay for a new job! Yay for change.

The poor lady who took over my show has had nothing but trouble. Silly show getting all crazy after I left. Well at least I gave it over before the craziness really began so I could focus on packing and such.

I think Matty shipped out 8 boxes for me today. Ahhh well that means its know? Time to stop pretending I am not really leaving for 7 months. BLEAH....

OKay Matty will be home soon and I want to get ready for dinner so we can chill for the remaining time we have together.

Bye everyone who I am leaving. *hug*

Hey everyone I am going to see! *grin*


Tuesday, April 25

Whoa....where did the time go?

Okay going from contract to contract is really really crazy and only the very strong of spirit should attemp it I think. I feel more stressed right this minute that I did during Tech Week for Julius Caesar. Did I forget anything (Hell yeah, I did~~ thank goodness I have another day to figure it all out)? Did I remind everyone of everything? Did I do all the stuff I needed to?


Matty is home with me today and that is a blessing. We are taking a break and watching TV. He's surfing between home improvement shows. I like the way he is wearing his hair these days. He makes me so happy. *goofy grin*

I just got off the phone with Miss Amy. I love feeling needed! *warm fuzzy*

Yay! I get to see lots of pals! I wish I had time to see even more but I have only so many days to get to the great beyond.

OKay enough dilly-dallying! Off to fold laundry and then pack up my trunk.

XOXO (Something better tomorrow if I have time)

Monday, April 17

Another Monday morning

A big thank you to all who were able to visit last night! What fun! It was great to catch up with everyone and thanks to all the crew and cast of JC who were in the hizzle. w00t. We sure did end up with some alcohol though! Damn we thought we were going to get rid of some but NOOOOO. LOL not that I am complaining. I spent the night drinking Washington Apples. mmmmmmmmmm

It's finally sinking in that I leave in 9 days. I am supposed to be packing right now but instead I am "taking a break" before I unload the dishwasher. I don't have to take a bunch of crap this year so that's cool but I still have to ship a bunch of junk because how can I be gone for 7 months and not have my "comforts?". uhhhhhh...yeah!

I am watching a show on VH1 that is about celebrity comebacks. Booooring. Why do I subject myself to this nonsense? Oh yeah....because I don't have to pay attention to know what's going on.

I still have to clean the kitchen, do laundry and think about the world of boxes. Damn it.

Oooo ooooo!

On the upside, I am going to Seasons 52 for dinner with hubby tonight OH YEAH BEBE! Midnight Martini, here i come.

Man I had fun doing the Lake but it's cramping my hangout time here before I hit the ROAD.

Hey everybody - - it's great to have THE MOST AWESOME FRIENDS IN THE WORLD. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky am I!


Thursday, April 13

Whoa doggy

Okay so hey!

It's nice to be sitting in my living room at quarter to eleven in the morning watching TV and having a little brunch. It's so nice to sit here. I had time to make some lists and I am getting ready to give the dog a bath. I know! It sounds like a booooring day, but NO! NO! I am enjoying the beginning of my run. woo! No rushing around trying to get ready after 5 hours of sleep, no working till 3 am, no constant all day wind that has been plaguing us at the lake! Just the puppy and a diet Pepsi and the cell phone is quiet. ahhhhhhh

I just ordered my new cell phone YAY! It will be here in a few days. No more crappy 4 year old phone! Damn, am I shallow or what? Ah..piss off if ya think so! :D

What else? Hmmm..... the show is pretty good! I am enjoying it. I didn't get any light or sound notes last night. The sound designer told me I rocked.

Oooooh the birthday party is coming up! I haven't had any big parties this season. (Yes, USFers, it's true, I am not hosting something every weekend here in Orlando like I do in the Great beyond!!!!! Don't worry, though, UTAH is UTAH!!!)

Did you get your map? If not, let me know. I posted the message the other day.

Okay well I am off to enjoy my day..... hehehehe time to wash the pooch!

Sunday, April 2


I got nuttin'.

You Are Internal - Realist - Empowered

You feel your life is controlled internally.
If you want something, you make it happen.
You don't wait around for things to go your way.
You value your independence and don't like others to have control.

You are a realist when it comes to luck.
You don't attribute everything to luck, but you do know some things are random.
You don't beat yourself up when bad things happen to you...
But you do your best to try to make your own luck.

You have a good deal of power, but you also know the pecking order.
You realize that working the system does get you further.
You know who to defer to and who to control.
When it comes to the game of life, you play things flawlessly.

Stuff and things and stuff.....

Wow. Sometimes I think my head can explode. Just *pop* one night, unexpectedly showering my thoughts and ideas all over the SM table and nearby actors.


Matty and Thron started painting the house. What a daunting task. Good thing I don't get home until after 1 most nights. Ohh.... ohh.... tonight I got home by 12:30.....

I'm tired.

Yet I stayed up to watch the Flava of Love reunion show. What does that say about me as a person, really? It disturbs me that I have to come home an decompress for an hour or two or three after work at night. This is a new thing. Matt says........well.....Matt says alotta stuff and let's just leave it with my luck in having such a sweet guy. Yeah - - I'm real lucky, bitches. *grin*

Whoa, this reunion show is like Jerry Springer used to be back in the day. Remember that when it was all fists flying and chair throwing? I was in school so we all used to gather and stare in open mouthed wonder at the strange cross section of redneck America.

What the hell is happening to the world?

What the hell is happening in my head?

What the hell difference does it make? "It ain't fucking brain surgery."

Dude....I am usually a lot happier in my birthday month......*mental note* Get happier.

*mental note part deux* Make map for birthday party.

Does it get easier? It must, right? I'm sure..........


......It's MY United States of Whatever............... (Lin-Z in the house)

Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.

Oh yeah, I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. Yay.

5 more minutes.....

Your Birth Month is April

You are trustworthy and highly ethical in all facets of life.

Helpful and steady, you are able to solve any problem.

Your soul reflects: Bliss, playfulness, and curiosity

Your gemstone: Diamond

Your flower: Sweet Pea

Your colors: Yellow and red

...what a load...I look awful in red.

Friday, March 10

Matty got me an early birthday present!

Check it out - Matty got me my own domain!


Hey speaking of birthday's - - mine is coming up in just few weeks and so is Matty's...... we are going to have a's the question to you people who are in town..... the best day to have it would be Easter night (Sunday, April 16)......would you - - - could you come that night????!!!????

Our only other choice would be Monday, April 10....I KNOW! It's a MONDAY!!!!!!

Let me know? PUH-lease!


Tuesday, March 7

SETC photos and such

Jamie and Nicole (Orlando Shakespeare Festival)- - Nicole was waiting for her beer - - hence the face!

Me, Steve, Aaron and Jamie (Steve and Aaron are Lionel and Sari's dad's - - check their adventures - - NO REALLY!)

Sarah, Dan and I (all Orlando Shakes peeps!)

Amanda, Tara and Christopher (Utah crowd) Kat and Heather are not pictured.

Yeah we had a ton of fun! Ray, Richard and Jeff L. were there from Utah! James and Paul were there from The Rep, Zak and krew were there from Univ. of Central Florida - - it was awesome!

I helped PJ interview some SM Apprentice candidates for 2006-2007 during the day. We saw some good ones. I think we will have a nice crop next year. (um - - but they can NEVER beat this year's group - uh or LAST years group....uh....or the year before!!!!! *GRIN* I love all my apprentices!!!!)

Yay for SETC - - it was a blast. I'm glad it was in Orlando. Anyhow, after a day of interviews we all met at the Tiki bar and DRANK for the rest of the night. Good thing Matty was there to drive me home!

Sunday, March 5


Okay well I was going to blog...but Matty wants me to help him outside - - so I'm off to wash the car!


Thursday, March 2

Okay it's not really about Utah Shakes.....

BUT - -

Melissa and Brad Skinner just found out they are having another baby GIRL! YAY!!!!
(I know you remember Melissa as head house manager and Brad as the guy who made the pool look nice - - among other things!!!!!!)

and while we are on pregnancy announcements: Kelley S. is having a BOY!
(Kelley has not been with us for a few years but she was quite a painter in her day!)

Tuesday, February 28

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!!!


It's Mardi Gras people!!!!

Want to see what's up on Burbon St? Here are some web cams.

Mmmmmm.... a King Cake recipe.

Carnival Basics
Mardi Gras always falls on the Tuesday that is 46 days before Easter. It is always the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the start of Lent.

Carnival refers to the season of revelry before Mardi Gras. It begins officially on Jan. 6, which is known as Twelfth Night or Kings' Day, so named because it falls 12 days after Christmas on the day the Wise Men are said to have reached Bethlehem.

Carnival celebrations fall into two categories: public and private. The private celebrations are balls, held by clubs called krewes. Some krewes let anyone join, while others are exclusive and made up mostly of FONOF (fine old New Orleans families).

The first Carnival ball of the season is always the Twelfth Night Ball, held on Jan. 6.

Most krewes are named for figures in Greek mythology, like Bacchus for the god of wine or Orpheus for the god of music (no coincidence the latter was co-founded by Harry Connick Jr.)

The parade season officially begins on the second Friday before Mardi Gras, although the parade calendar is expanding. At the beginning of the season, parades are held on weekends only, then become more frequent until the week prior to Mardi Gras, when there's at least a parade a day. There are nine parades on Mardi Gras, most notably Rex.

Rex (don't say "king of"; it's redundant) - always a prominent New Orleans businessman - is considered the king of Mardi Gras.

Every parade has a theme, usually borrowed from mythology, history or Hollywood. Most parades have mock royalty, kings and queens and dukes and duchesses, either drawn from the ranks of the krewe's members or celebrities.

All parade riders throw trinkets - beads, doubloons, small toys, candy - from the floats to the crowds.

The colors of Carnival are purple, green and gold, chosen in 1872 by that year's Rex. The 1892 Rex parade gave the official colors meaning: purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power.

The one ubiquitous food of the Carnival season is the king cake. Sweet roll-like dough is shaped into a big circle, cooked and brushed with purple, green and gold sugar or icing. Then a plastic baby, representing the Christ child, is tucked inside. Whoever gets the piece of cake containing the baby must, by tradition, provide the next king cake.

Okay now you know! So get out there and have FUN FUN FUN!

Wednesday, February 22

Company Manager selected....

Okay so I have not been able to confirm this personally (on account that it is only 7 am in Utah) but a source close to the Festival has stated that a new Company Manager has been named.

It's our very own HEATHER!!!!!! The best news (for her) is that she no longer has to live at the Ave!

The best news (for us) is she already knows the returning personnel and all of our insane quirks. How cool is that?

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See you in a couple of months!

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Sunday, February 19

It's over....for now....


Playfest is over for me. I closed up Studio B last night for the last time.

Now on to 3 weeks of vacation......
glitter graphics

Good thing I have a pony to play with and endless sunny days!

glitter graphics rocks.

Friday, February 17

Randall Scenic Crew rides again...

glitter graphics

As soon as he gets his ass out of bed and calls me - - I'll let you know the rest of the Randall Scenic crew!

Tuesday, February 14

Some stupid Valentine's post....


glitter graphics

So Jamie (not THAT Jamie, my Florida friend Jamie), is the Company Manager here at Orlando Shakes and she posted a list of Daily Observances on our office door. Every day has several and so here are some alternatives to plain old.....

glitter graphics
If you are single and happy you can celebrate...

Ferris Wheel Day!!!!!
if you are "Bitter, party of one"
You can celebrate...

Married, but wish you weren't????
Well...... Happy Call In Single Day!!

glitter graphics
It's also "Quirky, Alone Day"

glitter graphics

Not to mention......

glitter graphics

Have a Heart Day.

Now our calendar says that Feb 14 is Race Relations Day

but this image from the Human Rights Commission says it's March 21. Well if it is - - we are just celebrating early!!!!!

Okay I hope this gave you something to do for five seconds and took your mind off of whatever it is that was annoying you.

glitter graphics

Some stupid Valentine's day post.....


glitter graphics

So Jamie (not THAT Jamie, my Florida friend Jamie), is the Company Manager here at Orlando Shakes and she posted a list of Daily Observances on our office door. Every day has several and so here are some alternatives to plain old.....

glitter graphics
If you are single and happy you can celebrate...

Ferris Wheel Day!!!!!
if you are "Bitter, party of one"
You can celebrate...

Married, but wish you weren't????
Well...... Happy Call In Single Day!!

glitter graphics
It's also "Quirky, Alone Day"

glitter graphics

Not to mention......

glitter graphics

Have a Heart Day.

Now our calendar says that Feb 14 is Race Relations Day

but this image from the Human Rights Commission says it's March 21. Well if it is - - we are just celebrating early!!!!!

Okay I hope this gave you something to do for five seconds and took your mind off of whatever it is that was annoying you.

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Wednesday, February 8


So I have been rehearsing a workshop for Playfest at Orlando Shakes this last week or so. It's pretty cool and if you are in Orlando, you really need to come to see something. You can get into most of the shows by purchasing a Playfest button for $5. Seriously! $5 to see something like 15 plays.

There are a few shows that cost an extra $8. They are the workshops. The one I am doing is called "Breaking the Shakespeare Code" and it is really cool. It's sort of a look into the acting process - - you get to watch an actress (The divine Sarah Hankins) work with her acting coach (The fantastic Darren Bridget). There is more to it, but I would hate to spoil it for you.

Playwright John Minigan had this show read last year at Playfest and has graduated to "workshop." I think the script is very tight and quite witty. Kristin Clippard directs with flair and uses a "now try it like this" attitude to get the actors going in different directions. I couldn't be happier. We had our tech rehearsal today and got all the way through with hardly any problems. (HOW OFTEN DO YOU HEAR THAT FROM A STAGE MANAGER????????? - - hardly ever!!!)

Anyway, really - - come see these shows. Oh, oh, if you are not in Orlando you can watch the web cam plays. That's my Sarah in "Removing the Ring" and "Study Abroad." They are good. Some are funny, some aren't. Check it out, they are all pretty short.

What else? Oh, so in addition to being SM for "Codes" I am also the venue technician for our black box theatre (Studio B). This is sort of like a throw back to my college days where the budget demanded that the SM run the boards as well. I am the lightboard operator and the CD player operator for all the readings being done in Studio B. It's sort of cool because I learned how to use a light board that is a two scene preset with no computer in it at all. Crazy, wacky, scary but fun!

Right now I am waiting for my portion of the tech rehearsal for "The Stone Face" to start. I have another hour and a half. The bummer thing about having so many shows is that I have to wait a while between rehearsals. My "Codes" rehearsal got over at 5p and I was done with the report, etc. by 6p. BUT I have another rehearsal at 9:30p so I'm just waiting around. I did go to dinner, but I hate to drive all the way home in rush hour just to turn around and come back 2 hours later. Oh well.

Now I leave you with a TOTALLY funny video clip that reminds me that I am not the worst exerciser in the world!

glitter graphics

Friday, January 27

Electrics Crew is coming together nicely

I got an email from Emily today and here is what she told me:

Emily is coming back as ME for the Adams again.

Angie (that's WITH an 'e' bitches!!!) is coming back as ME for the Randall!

They haven't figured out who is on which crew yet, but....

Todd, Derek and Sean are coming back!

H O O R A Y ! ! !

There is a guy from Kent State (who Angie says is cool) who will also be a sparky this summer.

Y A Y ! !

That's all they have hired so far but they have more people in the works so stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 24

Losing weight sucks my ass


Okay so I have been doing the Discovery Health Body Challenge for 2 weeks. Have I lost any weight? Well okay so I lost the 7 lbs that I gained over Christmas. But have I lost any more? Nope. Am I at the gym sweating my ass off on the treadmill? Yes. The first week I only went 3 times because they said "start slow." Okay so I started slow but this week I said "fuck it" and have been going every day. Am I losing any weight? NO. Are my muscles sore? Yes. Have I lost any inches? Not that I can see.


I'm working out an hour a day and eating right. I stopped the Adkins thing and went to low fat -low calories. I know that it is healthier but I was losing weight before when I was on low carb!!!!! SO I guess I am going to try to do something like a mix of low carb and low calorie and try to keep the fat under control as well. Damn seems like I might as well just take vitamins and eat celery! (Stop it! I would never really do that so don't you dare send me an email about how you are worried that I am going to make myself sick!)

The truth behind my problems losing weight???


and candy. Yes, its true, I am an adult who LOVES candy. Why why why do I have to have a freaking sweet tooth?????????? Because God hates me, that's why. No, I guess that's a cop out and its really that I hate dieting and exercise.

Okay I am trying so get off my back! (talking to myself I think)

My promise to myself: just get through every day.....and go to the gym!

I need something. Maybe encouragement - maybe kudos - maybe a candy bar (okay maybe not). I need to believe that I can actually do it.....cause right now the scale is not my friend.....

Yeah, that's right! I wrote a blog whining about me and pitying myself. WHAT???????!!?

(apparently being passive aggressive makes me feel better)

Monday, January 23

Utah hiring update

Hey ya'll,

Okay so here is the list of SM's to date.

Terry and Sherin D. are a team (I know Sherin will take good care of my Terry - - so be nice to her!)

Becky and Amanda are back and hotter than ever. DAMN!

Karen (our fearless leader) is back but she's not hired her deck manager yet.

I am back as Equity ASM,
Jamie is back as Admin. SM and
Debbie M. will be a PA in one of the spaces (she's hoping for the Randall)

Karen is still looking for the following positions (now she has made some offers on these positions so don't freak out if you are reading this wondering why your job is supposedly still open!!!!)

1 Deck Manager
1 summer PA
The Greenshow SM

So if you want one of these jobs, you better get a hold of Karen ASAP because you know they will go quickly.

Okay next I hope to list the Scenic staff. If you didn't already hear, Richard G. (he was ASS in the Randall last year) is taking over for Grant while they do a search for a permanent person.

WE WILL MISS Grant, Alex and little Ethan!!!!!!!! But they will be great in Omaha and we are very happy for them.

More to come!

Wednesday, January 18

Petey our Road Dog makes a blog

Hey guys!

So Petey (aka Road Dog) is off to Germany with West Side Story. He has decided to chronicle it all with a blog.

So when you have a minute, take a look! He will be updating it often and I think it will be cool to follow him on the road. <---- BOOKMARK IT!!!!!

Awwwww! Petey is all grown up. I know we will all miss him at Utah.


Saturday, January 14

A new beginning

Hey guys!

Sadly, Grant H. will not be back to Utah this summer. He has taken a job in Omaha, NE so he and Alex and little Ethan will all be heading out at the end of this semester. BOO! However, the new job is closer to his family and there is room for advancement and I heard there is a job for Alex too!


(But I can't say until the person actually signs a contract - - sorry)

I'll let you know as soon as I can. You can wait.....I know you can!

Thursday, January 12

Stage Managers be ready!

Karen is calling people as I type this. I will post a list as soon as I get it.

I will tell you that I accepted Equity ASM for the summer (Trudy's old job) and also rehearsal PSM for Peg 'O My Heart in the fall. YAY!

Jamie is taking the Admin.SM and she will be ASM on one of the shows during the fall. YAY

Debbie will be a PA for the summer and Deck Manager for Merchant and Peg for the fall!!!!! YAY


Wednesday, January 11

I got a pony for Christmas!!!!!!!

heh heh so I got a new car for Christmas! Well sort of for Christmas.... the deal is I traded cars with my dad. He took the 1996 Rav 4 (Karl named it Jesus and Ralph called it Fascist DIVA) ~~ seen here on our last voyage across the country together~~

and I took the 2004 Mustang convertible!!!! (Yeah--we all agree I got the better deal here!!!!) Oh what a pretty car. McKenzie named her Stella and it seems to be right.

Stella is the 40th anniversary edition, she's a V6 with power everything.

Kenzie spent most of the drive home telling us how much she loves my new "pony."

I love it too.

Now the question as to if I will be driving it to Utah has come up....I just don't know. I would like to take it out there, but I don't want it to get covered in tree sap and I also don't want it to sit out overnight for 2 months. But damn! Woudn't it be a great car to have out there!??!!! Ha! Can you imagine me trying to remember to cover it every night? I can see it now - it's 2 am and Jamie, Debbie and I are puddles on the couch....I get up to drag myself off to dreamland and Jamie says.....did you cover the car???!!!?? BOOO!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what I would do with no car! Holy crap! I would have to walk everywhere! (hmmm.....)

But who will drive to the Bowling Party? And to REACH? Ahhh well the saga continues....I'll let you know.

Oh P.S. Matty and I walked for 15 minutes this morning! yay!