Monday, May 28

Visiting friends....

Hello all!

Well the BBQ was good fun! Micah and I won both game of horseshoes that we played! When we left, a line was forming at the pit.

Seems like the BBQ had a better turn out this year than last. Hooray!

I personally enjoyed watching the doughnut eating contest! HA HA George Walker! You go boy!

Okay this is really about the people who are here and will be here.

Leah has been here since Friday....she is leaving today...boooo...

Mason is here, but is leaving today...hope you got to see him!

John Gruber will be here tonight at midnight. He's only staying the night.

Samm is TBA

Melissa S. is TBA

Ben A SAID he was visiting....I'll believe it when I see it......

If you are visitng...or have a pal that is coming......let me know!


Friday, May 25

Mt. Olympus USF Company BBQ

.....Formerly known as the Mountain BBQ......

This Sunday


Be there!!!! I hear that there are several categories of food to be judged.....

The Stage Managers will be judging the Salads and we have decided we would LOVE to accept bribes! :D

Plus it's so pretty there....there is hiking, horseshoes, volleyball, football...the list goes on.....

If you are a horseshoe player...The Hat Posse will be taking on challengers until around 6p.

So join us and have a good time! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19

yes I am still alive....

Heya all...

Yes I know, I posts for a while.

I made it to Vegas last Sunday afternoon. Debbie and Micah picked me up and we jetted to Cedar. I think I got into town about 7:30p or so.

The apartment looks good and I am glad to have Jmizzle back in the building! Deb and Miggity picked up the majority of my crap from storage and brought it to the house before I got there. I KNOW!!! HOW SWEET ARE THEY?!?!?!?!?

Ogg man showed up on Tuesday and that was cool as hell. It's so nice to have part of the old posse back in action - - even if it’s not the same. O to the G quotes: "You can't go home again...but I guess you can shop there...” Yeah.... I am digging that right now.

DJ Party Pete will be here soon enough and Leah is trying to come and visit on Thursday!!!!! HELL YEAH! Clark also promised to stop through sooner or later and Gruber (pretend there is an umlaut) is in Vegas right now.... he may be headed to Cedar at some point.

It's been a hectic week. Jamie's assistant decided on Thursday that she wasn't quite comfortable in her position. Her last day was yesterday. I'm filling in office hours until a replacement can be located. I'm happy to help out because, really, what else is my job for???? However, I am whiny - AS WE ALL KNOW - about having to open the house at 9am and having to close the house at 10p with a big break in the middle. But life sucks sometimes and I am trying to not bitch about too awfully much because many people get to play all day for their work? Yeah....

We are shooting Captain's tonight to all you people who have left...yeah be jealous! We will drink a shot for you. Should be cool and some of our new pals are coming by too.



Oh yes...real news...

MEATFEST WEST 2 is tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't go because I have to work until 10p (see earlier rant) but I will be there in spirit. There will be a 200 lb. pig! YAY RICHARD AND COMPANY!

Okay.... if you are here in Cedar and you are reading this...then you know me...why have you not come over to hang out yet? My bitchy ass just got here and didn't get to see you all at the Guild BBQ. You better come visit me OR ELSE. Besides, we need to catch up.

Happy Saturday, bitches.


Thursday, May 10


Okay here is a Hawaii montage!

Hilo, Hawaii on the island of Hawaii (We were so glad to find a Starbucks...okay I was so glad to find a Starbucks!)
Kona, Hawaii on the island of Hawaii - it was cool but I had to jet early so I could go to rehearsal.

(The evening before we cruised past the active volcano Mt. Kilauea. It was really cool, but none of my photos came out. They all look like little red blobs floating in the blackness)

We took a tour of Lahaina, Hawaii on the island of Maui. Oh man is was awesome! We decided the Leannistas (my sewing circle) will be retiring there.

Here's me on the shore line in Maui. It's so pretty there!
This is Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. It was fun there. We went to Don Ho's for lunch and I got a few souvenirs.

This is sunset over the bay in Honolulu. We were on the Ocean Deck having a drink as we pulled out of port.

Goodbye Hawaii! I loved you and I will be back for sure!


Utah baby news

Some of you are breeding!

The loverly Trudikins (ASM) and her hubby Jay are at 17 weeks with little TJ - - which stands for Trudy Jr!! She has been sending out ultrasound photos every once in a while.

Bushy (Crew Head) and Jen (Costumer) are just over 30 weeks. (Around 2 months to go!) You can check out her blogs on MySpace.

Kelley S. (Painter) had her baby boy and he is now 10 1/2 months old!!!

There are others who have had their babies already like Sara G. (Box Office Mgr.), Trish, and of course Grant and Alex's adorable baby boy, Ethan.

Who am I missing? I am sure there are more little ones out there, I just can't think of them at this moment!!!


Tuesday, May 8

New thing...

Okay, I confess....

I don't really have anything to report, I am just trying out a new map style and I need to have a few people to view this site so I can try it out.

I can tell you that John Gruber is having his second interview with Zumanity in Vegas!

What else? Ummm.... I will be there in 5 days! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Okay sorry for getting you here on false pretenses. I wont do it again.


Monday, May 7

San Diego for a minute.

I got to hang with Jamie and Sheldon for a bit in San Diego! Yay! We went to Moose McGillicuddy's for lunch. That's my ship in the background.

It was gray and cloudy in SD while we were there. That didn't stop us from rushing around the city trying to find a sewing machine to buy for the ship.
That's the same Carnival ship that we were following in Mexico.
We weren't on shore for a huge amount of time, but we did secure a sewing machine and a few other "bits and bobbles" as my pal Andy Lee would say. We had this insane cab driver who drove at about 80 miles per hour as we searched for an open Sears. Did I mention it was Easter Sunday? Yeah.

The dancers started their duties this day (they have a few things to do besides dancing). We saw Kate and Stephanie helping greet new passengers and Trav was off the ship, but counting our wheelchair patrons so he didn't get to have too much fun! Then we saw Mikie giving the boat drill demonstration!

Ahhhhh ship life!

Next up Hawaii and then I think I will start adding candid photos of rehearsals and parties!

Almost done, at this point I had been on the ship for two weeks.


Thursday, May 3

Costa Rica and Mexico

Okay this is the only photo of Costa Rica that even looks like anything. The rain forest was 70 miles away from our port so I didn't get to see anything too awesome. It was REALLY hot there. There was an open air market at the end of the pier.

This is Hatulco, Mexico. It's really small but they plan for a huge tourism surge in the next 10 years or so. They have a 30 year plan in place that seems to be working out. That's my pal, Mykal, with me. He's one of the singers. (Oh yeah, this boy can sing!)

A shot of the Infinity docked in Hatulco.

This photo kind of sucks, but it's Acapulco, Mexico. It was cool there, lots of tourists and most of them were American so you can imagine the pushing and shoving and general disdain. But I had fun !

This is a shot of the Summit (another Celebrity ship) that was docked right next to us in Acapulco. We are only like 20 feet apart! I didn't know anyone on the Summit, but lots of my cast did so I got to meet some new people. The highlight of the day was the basketball game between the Infinity and the Summit. (Except that the Summit won!!!! It's okay Harvey, we all know they cheated!!!! ha ha)

This is Cabo san Lucas. I like this photo because it has cool color contrast. That's a Carnival ship in the distance.
This shot is of the same horizon but later in the day. I didn't get to get off the ship on this day. The only port I actually missed. It was a tender port (we had to take a boat to get to shore) and I didn't have time before rehearsal.

It was very pretty in Cabo, even if I only saw it from a distance! Cabo day was also my birthday! YAY! The Production Team went to casual dining for dinner and had a great time! We drank some wine, I opened some presents (thanks Leann and Babs!) and really enjoyed myself.

Later that night I met the cast in the disco for a bigger party. This is Jen, one of our dancers, and Andy, our Dance Captain. Do you recognize Jen from the movie - The Tuxedo???? Oh and that's Trav behind us pretending he doesn't know we are taking photos!

Here are some more of my lovelies! This is Mikie, Emma and Kerry, all dancers and great pals of mine!!!!! In the background of this photo are 3 singers from the acapella group Off the Top. The guy in the center is one of my singers, Harvey. He's the one with the white tie!

This is not one of my best photos but it shows most of the peeps who celebrated my birthday with me. They are so sweet, they got me a Swavorski crystal heart necklace for my birthday and a maroon pashmina. I KNOW! They rock. (Thanks again cast!)

Mine is pink with a pink cord, but this is an idea of what it looks like. AWESOME, EH?????? I am actually wearing the necklace in the photo of Jen, Andy and I. (Can you tell I love it?)


Next up is San Diego and maybe some rehearsal photos before we head out to Hawaii!