Wednesday, August 24

REACH SM dinner 2005

REACH SM Dinner 2005
Sunday, August 21

We had a BLAST! Thanks to the Electricians and the Audio crew who paid $525 to hang out with us. We did a cocktail party called the International Meal of Mystery....007 style.

Here's the whole group (plus Jake the dog!)

Monday, August 22


I hate packing!

I hate leaving my friends!

I hate living far away!

I love the warm winters of Florida.

I love my new home.

I love my family.


Lots of conflicting emotions today.

2 more weeks and we are out of here.

Things will never be the same out here in Utah, though.

Change is good. Tech is FUN! (honest)


Toga! Toga! Toga!

Here are a few assorted photos from the Toga Party....

Petey's belt buckle lights up and its is a programable LED scrolling marquee! INSANE!!

Sorry I didn't get any of me in my blue clouds toga...perhaps Mark did. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, August 17

It was bound to happen...

Rumor has it that there is a toga party at the Ave. on Saturday night.

I have seen the fliers.

Wow, there hasn't been a toga party at the Ave since 2001!!!

I bet it will be fun.....

Wednesday, August 10

Super Hero Party photos PART 1

HEY! Well here are about half of my pictures from the superhero party. Sorry it is taking so long to put them up, but its quite a process. Anyhow...more later...

Okay I am not going to pretend that I remember everyone's character names. But I have a heck of a lot of photos for y'all.

Jamie was The Nomenclature, Stephanie was Super Shakespeare Camp Girl and Amanda was Censorship.

Petey was Pimp Daddy (or something like that), Todd was Napolen Dynamite and Derek was Electrocuted Man

Here are your hosts for the evening. Debbie was the President of the Brian Vaughn Fan Club, Jamie was The Nomenclature (I know, I already told you)and yours truly was Hospitality Hannah, here to serve your backstage needs with Ricola, water and tissues!

Emily was awesome as Mrs. Meph.

heh heh....Buck Knives....very clever

Mighty Mouse was really cool!

Damn! Check it out. Amy sure makes one hot mama!!!

Bizzaro Kate is just as cute as regular Kate!

Xavier came as Jesus and Angie was God. YEAH!

Zo as The Illuminarie

The Bedtime Storyteller (I think) and The Flaming Cock Tease (yes Christopher, I did love it)

Kat rocked as The Static Queen

Jay and no-so-silent-Bob