Friday, March 10

Matty got me an early birthday present!

Check it out - Matty got me my own domain!


Hey speaking of birthday's - - mine is coming up in just few weeks and so is Matty's...... we are going to have a's the question to you people who are in town..... the best day to have it would be Easter night (Sunday, April 16)......would you - - - could you come that night????!!!????

Our only other choice would be Monday, April 10....I KNOW! It's a MONDAY!!!!!!

Let me know? PUH-lease!


Tuesday, March 7

SETC photos and such

Jamie and Nicole (Orlando Shakespeare Festival)- - Nicole was waiting for her beer - - hence the face!

Me, Steve, Aaron and Jamie (Steve and Aaron are Lionel and Sari's dad's - - check their adventures - - NO REALLY!)

Sarah, Dan and I (all Orlando Shakes peeps!)

Amanda, Tara and Christopher (Utah crowd) Kat and Heather are not pictured.

Yeah we had a ton of fun! Ray, Richard and Jeff L. were there from Utah! James and Paul were there from The Rep, Zak and krew were there from Univ. of Central Florida - - it was awesome!

I helped PJ interview some SM Apprentice candidates for 2006-2007 during the day. We saw some good ones. I think we will have a nice crop next year. (um - - but they can NEVER beat this year's group - uh or LAST years group....uh....or the year before!!!!! *GRIN* I love all my apprentices!!!!)

Yay for SETC - - it was a blast. I'm glad it was in Orlando. Anyhow, after a day of interviews we all met at the Tiki bar and DRANK for the rest of the night. Good thing Matty was there to drive me home!

Sunday, March 5


Okay well I was going to blog...but Matty wants me to help him outside - - so I'm off to wash the car!


Thursday, March 2

Okay it's not really about Utah Shakes.....

BUT - -

Melissa and Brad Skinner just found out they are having another baby GIRL! YAY!!!!
(I know you remember Melissa as head house manager and Brad as the guy who made the pool look nice - - among other things!!!!!!)

and while we are on pregnancy announcements: Kelley S. is having a BOY!
(Kelley has not been with us for a few years but she was quite a painter in her day!)