Tuesday, June 7

Bowling Party and some gossip...

The bowling party is this Saturday. This party lives in infamy in that “if you don’t hook up by the bowling party, you wont hook up at all!” Silly, huh? I mean the crew just arrived TODAY! We still have 3 months left!

*ahem* Of course I am not personally interested in hooking up, as I am attached to my wonderful husband and dog.

However, at least 80% of the Festival is not married…and we all know they will be hooking up ALL SUMMER……and yes…..a few of the married folks will probably be bad as well…. But I don’t want to think about them.

I want to think about Stage Management Fruit. Yup, the famous Fruit. So famous, we have to capitalize it!

Yeah every summer the SM’s all donate $10 a piece to buy a huge ton of alcohol and fruit. You get the idea, Vodka, sliced fruit, orange juice - - there is more, but I wouldn’t want to give away the secret recipe. We make it the night before so it can ferment overnight.

You can’t bring in outside cups and such to the bowling alley, so people usually congregate out by whomever’s car the cooler is in.

DJ Party Pete is working OR SO I HEARD!!!!! He is looking for current music, as his hard drive crashed while he was on tour. So if you have club stuff burn a CD for Petey and put it in his box - - #9869.

Okay here is some gossip for those of you who can’t help yourselves….

A certain young returning actress has already started hooking up again!!!!!

Sadly, a really great Festival couple has called it quits.

Some employee’s drunk visiting boyfriend peed on a car in the College Ave. parking lot.

One of our crew members will be wearing blacks made by PRADA.

A longtime lush carpenter has quit drinking.

A longtime lush Stage Manager has quit smoking!!!! (HOORAY!!!)

One of our P.A.’s poked a badger with a spoon!!!!!!

Okay one or more of the above rumors may not be true……but probably only one……

Monday, June 6

Photocall is OVER!!!!

Hooooooray it is done!

Photocall is finished and I am SOOOOO glad. It wasn't hard, just long and tedious.

If my computer was working, I would show you some pictures, but as it stands, you have to keep waiting.

Tell my husband to help if you want to see some stuff!

We went to Quail Creek (or Lake, according to some) on Sunday and it was freaking cool! We had to drive past a fire to get there, and they actually closed down the lake so a helicopter could scoop water from it! I got some cool photos, someday you will be able to see them......I hope!

Next weekend is the bowling party. I hope it will be as much fun as usual.


I hurt my back at Stones photocall on Saturday. It FREAKING HURTS. I don't know what happened other than it was fine and then it wasn't fine and it still hurts right now.


Okay well sorry that was such a crappy update, but at least I wrote something!!!!!

Love and miss you all