Friday, March 23

Infinity Cast Farewell Dinner

Last night Gary took is all out for a wonderful dinner at the Macaroni Grill in Cool Springs. This is our farewell to Nashville as we are leaving town early Sunday morning. We had a fantastic time!!!!

Our lovely Asst. Choreographer, Claire and her hubby Rodney

Grace, Gary's daughter-Eliza, Gary, Mindy and Jennifer (front)
Nicki, Bruce (our choreographer) and Mikey

My fantastic cast!!!!!!!

Andy and Jen

David, Emma and Kerry

Kaylea and Bruce

Travis, Mykal, Harvey and Kate

Ludmila and Roman

Me being sassy!

The view from my hotel window.

I miss everyone, but I am having a wonderful time. More pictures to come!!!!


Wednesday, March 21

Life with the Infinity Cast

Hey all!

Here are a few photos from my life in Nashville. All these photos were taken by Gary Musick, President of The Gary Musick Company also known as my boss!

Here is my awesome cast! They rock like you would not believe!

Spring has sprung in Nashville! These photos are from right around our hotel.

Here's the real test of spring! On the vernal equinox (which was yesterday) an egg can be balanced on its end. It did indeed stay like that for the whole evening!

Denise (one of our fabulous singers) hosted a little get together for us last night at her house.

Emma, Mikey, Kerry, Denise, Nicki, Andy, David


Denise and Gary

Yeah so as you can tell life is good! I love my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the cast dinner so I will be taking some photos of my own and I am sure that Gary will also have his camera on hand.

YES, I do know how lucky I am!


Sunday, March 18

In chilly Nashville (BRRRR!)

A brief recap of the craziness that was yesterday....


4:30am LEAVE

6:30am Get on Plane

7:45am FINALLY leave Orlando (Storms in the Northeast closing airports like crazy)

9:00am Arrive North Carolina RUN FOR NEXT FLIGHT

9:15 Arrive at new gate, pant pant pant, find out that Flight crew has not arrived.

9:45a FINALLY board plane.

10:04a (time zone change) Arrive Nashville

10:30a Collect bags....look for ride. (Remember, I was supposed to arrive at 9:50a)

11:00a Ride finds me and we are off

11:15a Arrive at Rehearsal Studio - meet 21 member cast, meet another cast, meet BRUCE the choreographer (LOVE HIM). Watch rehearsal

3:00p Go to grocery store on the way to the hotel.

3:30p Check in to hotel, drop bags, MAKE FOOD - - Haven't eaten since 6am bagel.

4:00p Check email, look at TV, call Matt and mom

5:00p Get in bed.

6p-midnight SLEEP (AHHHHHHH)

Midnight to 2a Watch TV, think about what I am going to do Sunday.


9:30a Went to breakfast, nice hotel with hot breakfast YUM.

10:00a Back in room looking at the chaos of my bags and decided to check email!

Whew that was crazy.....did you fall asleep reading it? heh heh

From what I can tell my cast has 4 Americans, 2 Russians and the rest English. They are GREAT dancers and singers, the show I saw looked bad ass and they had JUST finished learning it.

Believe it or not....I think I am going to get back in bed. I am still tired! Oh yeah and I have a killer cramp in my shin from running to my plane.

I will have internet all week (I am in the Residence Inn and it is a COOL hotel. I have a suite with full kitchen and stuff) so I will post about what is up. Tomorrow when I meet with MJ I will know more about my ship accommodation's.


Downtown Nashville

Stage Managers of Utah

Angi Weiss-Brandt-AEA ASM (Summer) SM Mousetrap (Fall)
Jamie Sullivan-Admin SM/Greenshow SM/REACH coordinator
Mark Sahba-SM King Lear/Matchmaker
Nykol DeDreu-SM Tenor/Art
Becky Merold-SM Candida/Twelfth Night
Karen Wegner-SM Coriolanus/Tempest
Erin Albrecht-ASM Coriolanus/Tenor/Tempest
Debbie Merrill-ASM Lear/Matchmaker/Art
Jennifer Bobbitt-ASM Candida/Twelfth Night
Kirsten D'Agostaro-PA Adams/Art/Tempest
Becca Fischer-PA Randall/SM New plays/PA Mousetrap
???-Admin/GS PA/Admin SM fall/ASM Mousetrap

Amanda W. took a job at Great River Shakes as an SM.

Saturday, March 17

On hiatus

Hey guys,

I'm out of touch for a while since I will be on the ship. If I have internet access and hear from anyone, I will post, but if not......

Well expect some updates near the end of April!


Thursday, March 15

Getting ready to go


So I am leaving the day after tomorrow for my trip. I'm getting butterflies and making tons of lists to make sure I pack everything I need. I am probably WAAAY over packed but I don't know what the heck I am doing so I brought EVERYTHING.

Almost everything is ready and I am sooooo excited!

I went to lunch with some OSFers today! Thanks to them for taking my mind off my packing and making me laugh! (Lin-Z - - when you hear the voices in your head, I want to know how it sounds!!!!!!!) Yea OSF pals!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My parents took Matty and I to Seasons 52 for an early birthday dinner. I know I have said it a million times, but THAT IS MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT!!!!!!! Oh how I love it. I had the Cedar Plank Salmon and I tried the red velvet cake mini dessert. YUM!!!!! Oh their Midnight martinis are soooooooooooooo good. I just emailed them and asked for the recipe.

Okay enough procrastination....back to packing.


Cooper's new haircut!!

Friday, March 9

Feeling better!

Whew it's been a helluva week but today dawned bright and cloudless. For those in the know: we had council today and we learned our rights and think we will come out of this okay. Life is hard. We can make it!

I got my info on my new job and it will be hard but FUN! Thank goodness MJ will be with me in the beginning to help me figure out what the hell I am doing. If this works out, I may even get to do it again!

Love and thanks for all of your kind words of encouragement!

Thursday, March 8

Now returning!!!!

Oh good here is some info on people who will be back!

Aaron G-S: Fall! He just accepted Ariel in Tempest and Christopher Wren in Mousetrap. Woot!

Princess Tami
(aka Tami Lee) will be a Wigmaster for summer!

Micah will be a Props Artisan! Yay!!! Tea time is ON!

And now for the big big big news.............

Mr. Craig Ogg
is coming back as ALD in the Adams. Hooray! I know we all thought he was gone for good but he's baaaaack! I did hear that he has been asked not to have a birthday party rager like we have seen in the past.

(Probably a good thing considering the Super Hero debacle from last year!!!!!)

Still waiting to post the full SM list. SOON!

Angie W. will be Master Electrician again. I heard that there is only one Master Elec. this year which makes me very sad. I'm glad Angie will be there but I'm sad that Emily wont be. (MAYBE EMILY WILL COME BACK IN A NEW POSITION?????) I have not heard from her yet. Yay Angie W. and Mindy (Company Manager) will be my next door neighbors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets see....who else....? Oh Oh! Mason told me he is coming back! Jacque told me she is coming back! Lindsay said she is coming back but never said what job she is doing.

More as it comes in. Miss and love you all!

Tuesday, March 6

Throw me a bone

I need help getting out of this funk. I'm really down. Tell me I am not an awful person. Tell me I don't deserve this crap. Tell me it's going to be alright. Tell me those things that I tell all of you when you need a boost.

Tell me I am not alone.