Tuesday, October 6

A quickie for you

Well okay so I have been sucking at updating this lately. I have a good excuse though! I have been at sea for 5 of the last 6 weeks. I went on the NCL Jade for a month - home for a minute and then went to the NCL Spirit.

I have some photos but hubby gave me a new camera and I recently discovered I can't just plug it into my computer and transfer. I have to use his computer because it has a card reader. Yeah, like I am ever at home to use his computer!!!

Anyway, I leave Saturday for the NCL Gem and will be there 2 weeks. Then I am back in Nashville for a minute....and off to the Celebrity Constellation for a month. I know.... no rest for the wicked. That has become my mantra. (Yes, I realize that is a little screwed up....but I am a little screwed up so WHAT??? ) tee hee

Anyway - settle for some random shots of the ships and I will put some of my photos up as soon as I get home and settled. I get home on Nov. 22.

I will try to be better.... its just so hard to blog on the ship because the internet is expensive.

Love one another.....