Tuesday, September 21


Yesterday was Zumanity's 7th anniversary! Hooray for Zumanity!!!

I also got the honor of running my track almost solo.  I don't have my Emergency Response classes so I can't be alone when the High Risk (read: aerial artists) are onstage because if something happens, I would not know exactly what to do.  It was still pretty awesome and I felt very good about it!

(insert some icky faces at the hotel/casino for cleaning out the grease traps and sewage tanks near the end of the show.  The Wall of Stench crept into the theater and we basically ran for our cars at the end of the champagne toast!)

However... work is still going well.  I still love it.  I still think I have the best job in the world and couldn't be happier.

Today is also the last work day before my weekend.  We are dark Wednesday and Thursday.  Can I just take a moment to rave about how awesome it is to have two days off in a row??? I didn't know how much I missed it until it came into my life.  I honestly can't remember the last time I had a two day weekend (on a REGULAR BASIS) in my line of work.  It was probably a fall season at Utah Shakes.  But even then, I am not sure it was on a regular basis.  It's so nice to have both a day to relax and do nothing AND a day to get all my personal stuff done.

Hooray for growing up and getting a "real" job.  Now don't get upset, all my Regional Theater peeps.  I'm not saying a real job... I'm saying a "real" job.  As is the majority of the population would not consider my job real any more than they consider your job real.  Ha! Seriously, have you read this note? It's been making the rounds on Facebook.  *facepalm*

Anyway, no need for this to turn into a rant.  This is a happy space where I revel in my luck (skill??) at getting an awesome job with a fantastic company who cares deeply about their employees. 

Even when I wake up in a black mood, I can still work myself out of it by talking about my work.  I'm pretty lucky because I am willing to bet there is only a small percentage of the population who can do that!

Happy Birthday Zumanity!  May you have a long and exciting life!!!!!!

Saturday, September 18


Working at Cirque is one of the most awesome jobs I have ever had in my entire life. It is interesting, fun, exciting although I still don't know half of what I will eventually. Sometimes being the n00b can be funny.....to others...

Allow me to relate this story from last night.

Niki and I are Stage Right.  The show is maybe halfway over.  We have just finished a cue and returned to the podium where we are stationed. (I should mention Niki is with me because I am still new and am still learning the ropes....read: she handles all the major problems while I blithely run the track cues.)

We are quiet, but it is warm backstage and we turn on the fan at our station. A few moments later a voice comes over radio: "Hey Rovers (that's us). One of you is sitting on the All Page button."
This is a button that makes our voices travel all over the theater/greenroom/offices. We aren't actually talking but the sound of the fan and the show are broadcasting in a This Is Spinal Tap way.

We look at each other.  We look at our headsets.  No lights are on.  We are confused.  I turn off my headset.  Niki turns off her headset. (We discuss how the All Page button can get stuck sometimes)

"Stage Management, we can hear you over All Page.  Turn it OFF"

We have eyes as big as saucers (at least I did) and we take our batteries out of our headsets. We discuss possessed headsets and what we can do. I giggle nervously.

Our boss appears next to us. We tell him we can't figure it out. We show him our headsets and blink in confusion (at least I did - Niki is much more seasoned that me and is not that freaked out.)

"Stage Management, you have GOT to turn off the All Page" says our Calling Stage Manager. Our Admin Stage Manager reports we are still broadcasting.

Niki and Gruber (boss) walk off to talk to Sound and try to figure out what has happened.  As they are leaving I hear them say "fan" and "All Page Button".  This makes me look at the fan.  I suddenly notice there is a rack behind the fan.  I look closer and I see one button is a brighter red than the others.  It says ALL PAGE.  I press the button, it goes back to regular red. 

"I got it!" I hiss. Gruber and Niki come back over to me. "Oh yeah, there is an All Page button there" one of them remarks.

Gruber leaves.  Niki and I blink at one another. We go off to do our next cue which brings us through the greenroom.  Laughing artists tell us they could hear us trying to figure it all out. We blush and apologize.  They tell us we are funny.

Things get back to normal and Niki says casually, "How many Stage Managers does it take to turn of an All Page?"  We figure out the number is 5.  More if you count the initial radio calls from non-Stage Managers.

I love my never-boring, sometimes-intimidating, crazy-silly-funny job. One day I will be good at it.  One day....

Friday, September 17


Well my weekend was lovely.  Lots of nice time off and great conversations.  Gruber's birthday party was fun! Mon Ami Gabi was YUM!

I have to be at work in an hour.  Hope I remember my track!  heh heh nah... I'll be okay.  That's why I made a cheat sheet.

This week my semi-normal rotation has started.  I am liking my schedule!

My BFF Nykol, got a job as Production Stage Manager of Blue Man Group in Chicago!  She is moving there right this second.  I just got off the phone with her.  I am so excited for her.  She deserves this awesome new adventure. I hope to find out more about her new gig as she gets integrated.

Not much circus stuff to talk about since I have been off for two days. 

As for Life stuff.  Yeah.  Life is cool.  I'm learning so much right now that I occasionally have to sit back and reflect so I don't lose any of it.  I have been reading and re-reading a lot of emails this week as well as revisiting several conversations.  So if I suddenly bring something up from before, know I am still processing it!

Blessings for a fantastic day!

Thursday, September 16


So Wednesday and Thursday is my weekend.  We are dark at work.  (No shows)  It is MOST EXCELLENT to have two days off in a row.  I can't tell you the last time I worked in a job that was only 5 days a week. Regional theater is usually 6 days a week and cruise ships are 7 days a week while I am doing the install out on the ocean.  I woke up early this morning and reveled in the thought that "today is mine too."  All for me to do whatever I want.  Ahhhh.  Yup...still loving the job.  Still raving about how awesome it is.  Still grateful to the Universe (and the people largely responsible for getting me here).

Today is my dear friend Gruber's birthday.  This is the first time I will have the chance to celebrate with him.  Gruber was a summer pal until he hired me at Cirque.  Back in the day he was my Production Assistant at Utah Shakespearean Festival.  Then he was my Production Manager at Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.  Now he is my General Stage Manager at Zumanity.

I like it when friends stay in my life.  Being a gypsy, that doesn't always happen.  Wow.  Remember what it was like before facebook when we had to call/text friends to stay in touch?  I was even a letter-writer! Now I have lots and lots of old friends at my fingertips.  Yeah, this is a lot easier....

Anyway, a small group of us are going to Mon Ami Gabi for dinner - it's in the Paris hotel. Hooray for French cuisine.  After that there is a huge party at our place.  Should be fun!

Happy Birthday JohnnyVirgo!  I celebrate your existence every single morning. I LOVE YOU!!

Ok.  That being said, it's time to go back to sleep.  Or maybe make coffee and swim... or maybe work on my run sheet.... or watch 30 Rock.... soooo many choices. Ahhhhh... *contented sigh*

ohhhh psst...  Wanna listen to what I am listening to right now?  Go Here. (Richie's newest online track. Cool mashup. I believe he's calling it Zee Bob Cast)

Tuesday, September 14

Opening Doors

Well here I am, at the last day of my first week as part of the Zu krew.  Still loving it.  Still wanting more.

Last night was interesting.  We had an artist go out moments before she was to be onstage.  Mayhem ensued. Not the SM's.  They were all calm and quick and moved like a force of nature. I was grateful to Robin, who was backstage with me.  I had earlier in the night been very cocky and said..." I'll be fine.  You don't need to shadow.?"  She did anyway, THANK GOODNESS.  Whoa.  Once I learn who everyone is and where they are at every given moment, I'll be ok too.  They tell me last night was what is more normal for this show.  Things happen quick and line up changes come fast and furious.  I had been lulled into a false sense of security earlier in the week.  Well I know better now! This is a fast-paced world I have stepped into.  It's sink or swim for sure.  I feel like I am doing ok.  I'm keeping my head above water, which is all I can do right this minute.  I'll get better at this.  I have no doubt.

One of my pals recently noted: Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. (Joseph Campbell).  This seems to be holding true for me these days.  The world is my oyster.  I can do anything I set my mind to.  It's pretty cool to Feel this way.  I like this Dance.

You should try it.......

Monday, September 13


So I live in a house with a pool.  I LOVE THIS. (I'm so lucky Jamie is letting me stay with her!!!)

Today while I was swimming the song Beautiful Stranger came on.  This is when I came to the realization that I am in love with a beautiful Stranger - - Zumanity.  It's like a love affair.  I have had a crush on it for quite a while.  I think I saw it for the first time about 3 or 4 years ago.  Clark gave me tickets so Matt and I could go for our anniversary.  It was SO COOL! The acts that I remembered most were Waterbowl and Straps.  I just couldn't get it out of my mind. Then when Gruber offered me the chance to play in his sandbox, my lust for Zu intensified.  I had to know it.  I had to experience it. When the kind SM team invited me to shadow, I was in heaven. Gone was the puppy love and in was the obsession.

Now here I am.  Dancing with Zu every night.  Swimming into deep waters, if you will. I can see a long relationship with this place.  The people are fantastic.  The job is interesting and exciting.  Even though I know it will become routine, I don't think I will get into a rut.  There are too many variables.

Thank you Zu.  Thank you Gruber, Emily, Robin, Jess and Niki. (My SM team).  Thank you Matty and Clark and Jamie and all of you who encouraged me to take this plunge!

Life is good. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 12


As I dive into this new life of mine, I have been thinking a lot of about Dancing.  Life is a dance. Relationships are a dance. Even everyday interactions between people are a dance.  I never thought about life like that before. Music is all around me and has been for most of my adult life.  I call cues from music.  I take cues from music. But  I had not really Listened to music. 

This new gig of mine is even more entrenched in music that any other gig before. Everything is a Dance and everyone Dances.  I love it!

Day two complete and was even more fun than day one. I am looking forward to going in and learning MORE MORE MORE. I am so far out of the rut that I had dug in my life that I can hardly See it anymore. This is an awesome feeling.

Just have time for a swim before work. Lovely weather here.  The locals tell me it will stay like this for the rest of this month.  What a lovely month to move to Las Vegas. What a lovely life I have. THANK YOU, UNIVERSE!!!!

Benford’s Law of Controversy: Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available.

Saturday, September 11

First day... CHECK!

No easy day learning the space for this grrrl!  My boss is a very old pal.  He feels like "getting your feet wet" is for sissies.  I'm no sissy.  Which way to the deep end??

Day = Arrive, Company Meeting, Meeting two (can't spell it yet; something like Taperouge), Get ready for first show, do first show, scarf some dinner, do second show, clean up. Go home like I'm floating on air. Sleeeeeep.

I was so excited for the last week or so that I had been sleeping about 5 hours per night.  This grrrl needs a bit more time to recharge her batteries.  Last night I fell into bed around 2am and didn't get up until noon! Finally a release from all the nervous tension.

I'm still getting my bearings.  I am sure I will be for a while. This job is, in fact, everything I wanted it to be. I feel like I can do this for a while.  I like all the fast-paced, figure it out, DO IT NOW parts. I just need to get the layout of the building in my muscle memory. Lots of running around to be done.  Lots of running up and down stairs.  (Those of you who know me; stop snickering!)

I am starting a new life.  It is happymaking! I seem to be rising to the challenge.  Heh.  One of my pals used the phoenix legend to describe his yesterday.  Yeah.  I think so too.  I was reborn out the ashes of my old life in the past 48 hours.  I like it.

Here is a photo from the Zumanity 7 year Birthday party two nights ago.

(Left to right, back to front) Emily, Angi, Robin, John, Niki, Jess, Jamie

Theses are the characters in my new life Game! Of course there are more.  My Clark is here and was hovering near me when he can...giving me encouragement and silliness.

I am missing some of the old (and not so old) players in my Game.  But I always am. Being a gypsy means leaving people/places/things behind is the norm. Luckily in this age of technology I can reconnect as often as possible.  Skype has been my bestie for a while now.  Even more since I moved to Vegas.

I should go.  Must shower, buy a belt, buy some insoles and run back to the circus! Yay Circus!


Thursday, September 9

Settling into my new space

I'm starting my second full day as a Las Vegan today. Time to get my room in order.  Piles of bags and boxes messes with my chi. What a lovely morning it is. Its breezy and cool by the pool as I listen to "A Portrait of You" by Of Porcelain.

Tonight is the dress rehearsal for Zu. They do this after coming back from The Dark (aka vacation) to get back in the groove.  I think I will go, even though I don't start work until tomorrow. Tonight is also the birthday party for my new job.  They are 8 years old...I THINK. Should be fun!

Must buy a floating shelf for my stuff.  Need more surface space in my new digs!

P.S. I love my roomie.  She rocks!