Saturday, July 30

REACH! Photos!!!!

Okay well here you go. Don't forget to look on Mark's yahoo page for even more great photos.

First up were the House Managers. Man that was a great skit. They sang their version of "It's a Hard Knock Life."

Here are J.P. and Rhett getting a pie in the face. Sarah and Brian said it was worth every penny!

Here are my roomies: Me(Angi) Lorenzo (the 4th roommate) Debbie and Jamie taking a break before the next part of the auction.

I think Joe called his dinner "Hot Buns in your Hands" or something like that. Sure was funny, even if they made it up on the spot.

Here are a couple of our beloved Crew Heads, Adam and John getting their pies for a good cause.

Heh heh here is our favorite Stage Supervisor, Lorenzo getting his pie and loving every minute of it.

DJ Party Pete played all the best songs. Damn we are lucky to have him!!!

Here are the gorgeous ladies of Greenshow. I didn't get to see their skit because we were next, but I heard it was very hot.

Here is the SM skit. We were jewel thieves posing as Stage Managers and Terry was 007 who needed to turn us to good. Well he did a fine job of it, even if we did kick his ass for a while.

This is a shot of the Electric and Sound Department celebrating their victory over the crew by bidding a whopping $525 for the SM dinner!!! YEA!!!!!!!

Our group from Concessions is always so very naughty....and that's why we love then so! The last photo is with the happy buyer.

I hope everyone had as much fun at REACH! as I did. I know the drinks we $7 but the place was big and the A/C worked and I sure did LOVE that part! Thanks to all who helped with the auction and all who help with REACH! in general.

Does anyone know what REACH! stands for?????
I'll post the answer in a few days...but in the meantime...GUESS!


I'm going on a cruise to Cozumel!!!
Matt's boss decided they all needed a break and I was lucky enough to be asked along!
*happy dance*
Now if I can only lose 20lbs before we go......
......ahhhh....the saga continues.........

Hey Floridians!
I will be home in about 2 months!!!!!!!!!! Maybe 7 weeks..if you are lucky.

I am currently planing to visit:
Kate in Colorado
Wally and Carol in Kansas
Ben, Jen, Jombi, Ogg and Opy in Illinois
Lysa, Barry, Tod, Dad and Stoney in Indiana
Jeff in Ohio (IF I CAN???)
Helen, Justyn and Sam (maybe Riz??) in Kentucky.
MAYBE Princess Tami in Georgia

That's a lot of visiting. I will be dog tired by the time I limp into Florida.

and on another note:

CONGRATS JAMIE M. for taking the Co. Mgr. job at OSF. I am SOOOOOOOOO glad you will be there this year. *HUG*



Hey you guys, one of the apprentices is my VERY good pal and roomie, Debbie.

She rocks so be extra cool to her. PUH-LEASE

wow, I was shouting a lot, eh?

WELL its 'cause I am so damn happy!

Thursday, July 28

Video clips of my shows....

Well I will eventually link to all of the video clips, but I had to do my shows first!!!!!

Video courtesy of Alan Neves,Video Utah Productions.

Check out Camelot!


don't forget Stones in his Pockets.

Now of course all the shows are good here at the festival, but I can't help being partial to mine, now can I????

I think these little clips are pretty neat. Although I wish that the Stones one would have had a cuss word or two in it since the show is peppered with them.

Okay I am in a rush to get to Stones, so I am cutting this short.

More video clips soon or ......if you don't want to wait, go to the USF website.

I am also trying to get some video of the REACH auction up if you have any...let me know... right now I really need the House Managers skit!!!

Thursday, July 21

Because we are crazy....

Sadly, a lot of the Usual Suspects have left us for greener pastures.

We hadn't had a chance to do any camping as a group because of of our mismatched work schedules, so we decided to go on opening night.

I got off work at midnight on Saturday night, ran home, got ready, went to the opening night party for about an hour and then we took off for Kolob Resivior. Kolob is this lake formed by a glacier that is way the hell up near Zion at about 10,000 feet or so.

We got lost as hell and didn't arrive until about 4:30 am. We woke everyone up (yes, they were mad!) and then created general mayhem for a few hours with Cooper barking at a rock and Ben turning into a tree....

We got the fire going again and everyone got comfortable. Dawn was begining to break...

In celebration of the impending day, Zak and Debbie decided she needed a drink (look at the time stamp on that photo!!!!!!!)

Lorenzo took a nap and then got back up around 6:30 am. Luckily he had decided he wasn't mad at us anymore for car headlights and general loudness at 4:30am. He and Zak went off to fish.

We chilled out and had some breakfast.

We enjoyed watching our neighbors and their odd ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) culture.

Everyone took naps on and off for most of Sunday.(Cooper got covered in tree sap!)

Todd and Joleen turned up later in the day and we all made a late lunch.

What a fun but insane couple of days.

Sorry I didn't get any opening night photos. I did get the address of some on yahoo, though (THANKS LESLEY AND MARK)

DON"T FORGET REACH AUCTION THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!