Tuesday, July 29

Superhero Party 2008

The 8th annual Superhero Party was a blast! We had a ton of fun and there were some kick A$$ costumes!!!!

I have 142 photo and I cannot upload them all on there. So I went to Facebook and put them up. If you are not my friend you will need to add me in order to see them..... Angi Weiss-Brandt (AND I STILL ONLY ADD PEOPLE I KNOW IN REAL LIFE......)

Here are some highlights.

Jose and Kai (aka Mr. SmartyPants ans Nightcrawler - or Kurt Wagner as I prefer)
Nicole and Head (of Coral Reef and super Sexy Chef)
Lindsay and Justin (or My Super Ex Girlfriend and The (new) Joker)
Becky and NykiDee (or Understudy Girl and Randall girl)
Steve, Kari and Matthew J (or The Incredibles!)

Kai, Angi and Brad (or Nightcrawler, The Artful Dodger and 7755 man)
Katie aka Super Grover!
Craig Christ
BJ as The Intoxicator!

Now join FACEBOOK.....


Wednesday, July 2


Yes, I am well aware that we are into July and there have been exactly ZERO posts from the Porch. This was a hard season for me. Othello kicked my ass and I still had to find the energy to do The School for Wives as well.

Woo hoo we opened!!!! Yay! My shows are both good.

I don't care what people say about Othello being too long. It's worth watching for 3 hours and 5 minutes. It is awesome. I would never review my actors in a public forum but this time I almost would. Let's just say I am VERY proud to be part of this production.


The School for Wives is so much fun!! It's short, funny and a touch bawdy. I am having a great time working on it. (A shout out to my Crippled Crew - - every single one of my Wives crew members is hurt. Chris has a hyper extended knee, Justin got poked in the eye with a sharp stick and Lindsay's foot got run over by a GenieLift. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I AM SORRY YOU ARE BROKEN!!!!!)

This is a period of adjustment summer for us for sure. A lot of new people and some new job titles and position switches.

Here is a quick low down (and I am sure I will miss some stuff so just let me know)

Richard our FANTASTIC Scenery Director (and impromptu TD in the Adams) is leaving us in a couple of day's for the Gutherie. We will miss him!

Zak and Tina had their sweet twins which are keeping them both occupied. They are also moving to a Carolina (which one escapes me - sorry)

Ben was Props master in the Randall as well as being the Props Director. He did an awesome job and we loved having him!

There is a bunch of other shit going on but it doesn't make me very happy so I don't find a need to report it here. Things to remember..... there is a touch of Iago in all of us and anyone who says differently is LYING to themselves.

"To be direct and honest is not safe"

What else?

Oh Jamie S. will be in town tomorrow!!! WOOOOT!!!!!!! We have also had a myriad of visitors this summer. Micah left this morning, Kate Glo was here a couple of weekends ago. Debbie has been in and out (not that we see much of here around these parts - - but thems the breaks). Nykol's friend Robbie is in town today - hope she can find time to see him with all her WORK...ha ha!

I have lots more to say but things are getting scattered. Sorry! I will make another blog soon.

Anyhow, hope you are all having a nice summer! Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing!!