Wednesday, January 31

Portland Center Stage represent!

Geno and Bree are both working at Portland Center Stage. He as the charge artist and she is a stitcher.

Bree's having her real fun working for bands around Portland making costumes for them!
She is coming back to Utah for summer and fall build but not running shows.

I am waiting on Richard to get back to me to start posting Carp info. I'll let you know!


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Monday, January 29

I got a job!

Okay so I have been fretting over this cruise ship job working for Gary Musick Company.

Today I got an email from MJ telling me wants to book me March 19 to April 22!!!! YAY!!!!!

Now listen, I have no idea what ship I will be on at all. Click here to see what ships I COULD be on. Scroll down past the audition info to see the ships .

They go all over the place - Carribbean, Hawaii, Panama, England - the list has endless combinations. MJ is calling me Monday to work out the details and give me all the info. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa! I have to get my passport renewed!



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The world is my oyster.....!

Where are they now?

Here's some info on our pals who will not be joining us this summer. they will be missed, but greener pastures call......

Ogre (Sheldon) is at the Globe Theatre - year round gig but says he will come visit us.

Chel's something cool came thru! Wahoo! She is the new Resident Sound Designer/Audio Sup. at Alabama Shakes...

THE Mike Jones will also be at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival as an MFA Production Assistant.

Samm is teaching drama at an elementary school in Chicago and would love people to visit her!

Emily F. isn't coming back either...since they took ME of the Adams out of the budget.

However Samm and Em will be coming to visit us to pick up Emily's stuff.


Saturday, January 27

Quick update

Was speaking to Chel and got a tidbit - -

Chris H. is now the lead audio tech and is back in February.

Petey (DJ Party Pete) is on a US tour with Aida.

She also hinted at something cool...... I think I know what she is talking about but I have been asked to wait until the contract is signed. I'll let you know.

Drop me a line and tell me if you are coming back.

Sunday, January 14

Utah Shakes changes

Donna Law (Marketing director) was offered a job at Idaho Shakes and has moved there. No replacement yet, per se. Bruce Lee has assumed her duties from what I can tell by the new titles on the Utah Shakes web site.

Dan Slobig (Development Manager) is no longer at USF. No word on the details.

Sara Greener (Box Office Manager)just had a baby girl on December 18th. (YAY!!!!) ~~Thanks M.S. for the info!

Mitzi (former Company Manager) is battling breast cancer. Our hearts are with you, lady.

Debbie M. is here in Orlando right now. She has been visiting for a week (yay!) and tomorrow leaves me to go cruising to the Bahamas with BNL. YES I SAID BNL!!!!!

Head U. is moving to Vegas!

Zak is still saying he's not coming back. (I believe him!) and he is getting married on 7/7/07!

Ben A. is working in Iowa as a TD/Sound Designer. Read his bio. :)

Okay so this stuff has been confirmed by several sources so I think it's cool to post. Once the departments begin to offer contracts, I'll let you know. I can tell you that CURRENTLY the SM team looks to be one you will recognize from last year, but nothing it for certain until the ink is in the paper.

Drop me a line and tell me what you are up to these days. Your friends want to know.

Yay for Utah! XOXO

Saturday, January 13

New blogger

Wow so blogger switched out of beta and is looking good. I just switched out my account so you may see some things are different and will continue to change as I try out the new features. Change is good....right? :)


Monday, January 8

Lakehaus Krew begins Geocaching!

Lakehaus Krew

People of Earth!

Dude this weekend we had so much fun! Judie got ZKP a GPS unit for Christmas and so they decided to try Geocaching. Learn about it! It's cool. But I am getting ahead of myself. I'll start at the beginning.

Thron and Laly invited Zak, Judie, Matty and me to Lakehaus for a mini-vacation. Matt and I met "Thraly" (get it? Thron and Laly? heh heh) at BK and headed north to Ocala Nat'l Forest. About an hour and a half later Lakehaus was in view and peaceful joy settled around us all. We drank some wine and decompressed.

The next morning we got up and made brunch. Yum! Zak and Judie arrived and we set up tents. ZKP got a MANSION tent for Christmas. The thing has 4 rooms plus a screened in porch! We called it the Taj Mahal. Zak made some rockin' Dutch oven 4 pork, potatoes and carrot stew which was gone in minutes! After some cool fireworks (it was 3 Kings' Day after all!!!!) we piled in the Taj Mahal and played the Newlywed board game. THAT was insane!!!! We all learned a lot about each other! LOL

The next day we made brunch again, stopped in to see Aunt Paula's pile of puppies and headed to The Devil's Hole. Zak had marked three spots near us and we were off. Devil's Hole was a big bust!!!!! It's private property and there were a million no tresspassing signs and two neighbors came out and watched us so we decided that was how horror movies started and we ran for the car!!!! We headed off for the next one and it was cool! Thron found our first cache in a knothole of a dead cypress tree. It was a logbook that had been there for 10 years!!!!! We decided we needed to pep it up (it was in a torn ziplock bag, water logged and sad). We got a blue travel soap dish and a new notebook. We put the old logbook in under the new one and a note saying what we had done. Lakehaus Krew was on the map!

First Find!!

We were so excited we jumped in the Santa Fe an roared off to find our next (and final) stop. After a semi-scary encounter with a church camp we found the right lake and began to hike. We came to a thicket and began to look around. After a bit Laly said she could see a metal box. She crawled in and our second cache was unearthed!!! This one was cool, it was an ammo box from Hunnybun and Say Say and it was filled with cute treasures, a logbook and a camera! We took a photo of Lakehaus Krew, got a fortune heart and left a pocket knife. This is so much fun!

Second Find

We will be doing this again and AS SOON AS WE CAN! We all agreed that scavenger hunting is great fun!

Yay Judie for getting such a cool present for Zak and THANKS to all for a great weekend!


Monday, January 1

Happy new year!

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Some big changes

Lots of craziness in Shakespeare Land! People leaving, schedules changing! I am waiting for some official confirmation before I just blurt it all out. The web site does not reflect the changes so I am being safe instead of sorry.

However, there is no fall musical this year. Something's Afoot is out and Mousetrap is in. Brad Carroll is still directing though. Whew! Hmmm...weird how there will be no musical.

Mason is in New Orleans! Go Mason!

Debbie is coming here soon soon soon! YAY!

Okay that's all I've got. For now!

Have a fantastic wonderful best ever new year!