Tuesday, November 15

Rehearsals for Every Christmas Story Ever Told

Wow this show has got a shit ton of props and costumes. It only has 3 actors who play a bunch of characters.....kind of reminds me of my fun fun show STONES from this summer! (I miss that show.)

Right now my rehearsal space is trashed...but that's the idea. By intermission about 3/4 of "every christmas story" has been told and they just keep droping all their props and costumes all over the stage.

I'll get some rehearsal (stage only) photos up as soon as I can.

More later!

Wednesday, November 9


Angi - Free and Healing for One Year, 9 Hours and 58 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 25 Days and 9 Hours, by avoiding the use of 7308 cigarettes that would have cost me $1,298.36.

Monday, November 7

Damn headache (wow, and a rant I didn't know I had in me)

Oh so I went back on Atkins today. I am plateau-ing on my weight loss. I even gained some last week. So I am trying to jump start my metabolism. BUT going through sugar withdrawal sure is painful. Oh my achin' noggin.

On the upside - I will probably lose a pound today and that will make me smile.

Stupid weight loss. It sucks. BUT I do feel better and I know that I eat too many carbs. I was already predisposed for diabetes and I don't want to actually get it. That would be the pits.

On a completely unrelated note: (warning: apparently I have strong feelings about this so if you are easily offended - maybe you better go - - now....)

I need to vent.

I have a friend who is a very nice gentleman who has been through cancer, divorce and lots of other yucky things in his life. This man has several degrees and is possibly the coolest guy I have ever met and he has a problem. His daughter is a complete BITCH! Okay, I am biased and I know it. I don't know his daughter but I know that he has been trying to salvage a relationship with her for YEARS. Sometimes she remembers that he is her dad. Usually when she needs something. In the past few years she has really left him out. She barely talks to him (if she even talks to him at all - I don't know - I think he tries to protect her by pretending she is a better daughter than she really is) and SHE LIVES IN THE SAME FREAKING TOWN THAT HE DOES.

PEOPLE (and I fell like I can say this because my dad was not always there when I was growing up) FOR GOD'S SAKE - - LOVE YOUR PARENTS. CALL THEM. EMAIL THEM. DON'T HATE and DON'T JUDGE. Maybe your parents were sucky. Maybe they cared more about their lives than yours. I'm sorry - but chances are THEY ARE SORRY.

Yeah, it seems like it is really easy for me to type these things because I am well adjusted and all that. But if you know me (and I mean really know me) you know my childhood wasn't all fun and games. I know what it is like to have people try to buy my love. But you know what? I still love my parents. I don't blame them for being caught up in their own drama. Without them I would not be who I am. If my parents hadn't gotten divorced when I was young I wouldn't have known what it was like. I wouldn't know how to relate to my own step-daughter. Hell, I might not have had a step-daughter! (This is not a PSA on divorce) And for that matter, I probably wouldn't have waited so long to get married. It gave me a different perspective on marriage. I never want to get a divorce and that made me really look at the guy I was dating and think about how he would be in 40 years. Got me out of 2 engagements and then I found Matty and he is right for me. He is EVER SO RIGHT.

Okay sorry, I try not to get on a soapbox on this blog, but I am so sad that my friend has to have a crappy daughter. He is a good man. Granted I have only known him the last 10 of his 70 some years, but I know he is a good man. He deserves to have children who love and FORGIVE him.

(I am not saying his name on here because he might read it and I don't want to embarrass him.)

Okay now I hope I have at least made you think about your parents. Now go call them and tell them you love them. I know I will. BTW - that man I was speaking of - he is like a father to me.

*whew* I think I feel a little better.

I don't know you - maybe your parents did unforgivable things to you - if so, I'm truly sorry - but this is my page and I am NOT LISTENING.

Sunday, November 6

News FREAKIN' Flash!

Okay this is quick and dirty but I am so excited it is just ridiculous!

TODAY marks one week of NO SMOKING for my darling Matt!

Oh I am so excited I could just freaking EXPLODE!