Monday, January 31

Some people who are confirmed...

Okay so this is what I have heard.....well....what I am willing to share and not get anyone angry or worried.
Zak is coming back as Randall Scenery Supervisor!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorenzo is most likely the Stage Supervisor (Crew Head Head)...he is just waiting for the paperwork.
I also heard that Gino is coming back...I think his title last year was Adams Scenic Charge Artist. However this is second hand info.
Waiting to hear from:
Amy L.
Amy H.
Princess Tami
Kelly Fitz
oh the list goes on.....
I'll let you know when I know - - so let me know! :)

For those not in the know --
This is the time when all the mid level hiring is done for USF.

The Moment Ends

The Moment Ends
Ivettza is the coolest chica I know. Someday she will actually post on this blog and it will be brilliant. No, really!

Ivettza's Blog - - she assures me she is going to write something in it soon. Posted by Hello

On a side note....

Hey this is supposed to be about the Utah Shakespearean Festival.....but it is only January and that doesn't start until May.....right now I am working at the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival in Orlando, FL. I just needed to say that my 2 assistants - - Jamie and Nicole - - rock!! They are the best assistants (fair enough) that I have ever had (right on!)

I am working on Trapezium: A Knightly Farce which is a world premiere by Henry Rathvon. Look here for a review of Trapezium.

Did I mention how I could not go on without Nicole and Jamie?????? Okay just checking..... because they are really really important...... not to mention Seth and Lana - without which there would be less insults and no clothes!!!!
Its late, I'm tired....shut the hell up

Sunday, January 30

The group at breakfast on a Sunday morning. Posted by Hello

The Usual Suspects

Here is the cast of characters in my little clan. There are a lot more, but this is the core group that has been together the longest.

Lorenzo (aka "D", Zo) Posted by Hello

Leah (aka Leeeeeeooooooottttccchhhh) Posted by Hello

Zak (aka BONK!) Posted by Hello

Head (aka Some Head, Jared, PersonGuy) Posted by Hello

Angi (aka AngiGrrrl, Momma Angi, Hoochie, Bubbles) Posted by Hello

Head (newly graduated!) and Jamie (aka James, Haime, Tressa and T.P.N) Posted by Hello

Angi and Kenny (aka KFudge) Posted by Hello

The Boys! Eric (aka CLark, Lunchbox), Zo, Craig (aka Ogg, OggMan) and Ben (aka King Ben, Benny) Posted by Hello

Ogg, Jamie and Kellee (aka Kellee Kell) Posted by Hello

D and Leah Posted by Hello

The Porch goes all Cyberspacey ...and junk

Wow okay, for those of you (and there are quite a few) who have come to the real Porch at the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar is our new home. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting us, The Porch is where all sorts of theatre plans are hatched, drinking and smoking run rampant (although some of us have QUIT!!!!!!) and all sorts of debauchery happens.
Want a voyeur's look into Summerstock theatre??? You have come to the right place. Okay enough for now, I have to find pictures and let people know they are going to be immortalized in my little space! *evil laugh*