Wednesday, October 17

Going Away/Birthday Party

Here is a record of our insane night. I did not put up all the photos because I was drunk and made EVERYONE take a photo with me. If you are looking for a specific photo.... email me and I will send it to you!
At the top of the evening it was just the regulars. (Oh how I love you guys!!!)
NykiDee and me!
Deborah Jean and me! (See what I mean about making everyone take a photo with me???)
BJ and me!
Me and Jorge

Ben and Kristen
Cheryl and me!
Me and Brad
We had a shit ton of food....DO YOU SEE ALL THAT ALCOHOL???????
Hot Eric and me
The Concessions Staff plus a few!
Me and B. SAS
Georgie is pretending to be flushed down the toilet. (He can act out just about anything....just try him!!!!!)
Erin and me
Me and Brian
Me and Pickle!
THE DOWNY NEST!!! (Yup....I was there with Carole and Nykol.... HELL YEAH GEORGIE CAN HANDLE 3 WOMEN AT ONCE!!!!) heh heh - - on a side note..... George cursed me to be forever a sucubi in his downy look for me in your dreams......
Karen and me
Georgie likes to kiss me on the cheek.....but only during photos!!!!!!
Jorge and Nykol

BJ and Cheryl (so cute!)
Michael and Deb
Deb mopped the floor at 4 am..... seriously.... look at the clock!
We rock YOUR world......

Goodbye my darlings.... I will miss you all so much. I hope you have a great rest of the season. I will be thinking of you while I am on the ship.

P.S. TO ALL OF YOU WHO SAID, "I HATE YOU" when you found out where I was going...... here is a big RASPBERRY for you!


Monday, October 8

Pumpkin Carving 07

Nykol is getting ready to pick a pumpkin and I think Michael is commenting on the shot count on the door....which was at 11.
Cheryl is shy until she gets a knife in her hand....
Our pumpkins!
Georgie is checking out his pumpkin and Nykol has already cut into hers!
Mine was a bit dirty!

Debbie was making whole pumpkin pie (hence the apron!)
Get it Georgie!
See what I mean about her not being shy???? This is the best photo of the night!!!!
NykiDee is so damn cute!
Erin and Ryan popped in for a few then took off to find a candle.
Michael's pumpkin (which is named Cheryl) is VERY happy!
It's a bat, damn it!
Yo ho ho ho a pirate's life for George.
Cheryl's first ever carved pumpkin!!!! She did a great job and it's name is Michael.
MMMMMMMM pumpkin guts....

Ailanie doesn't like Halloween but she likes to hang out!
Tree of DOOM!
Hey did we change clothes? Okay maybe its the next night....
Don't ask, don't tell
Tree=Debbie, Bat=Nykol, Witch=Angi, Pirate ship=Jorge


Monday, October 1

Jamie's visit to Cedar

Shit! She got us D-RUNK!

The night started with a handstand.....

They are cute, aren't they?
Sweet NykiDee and Michael B
Erin and her new pal, Ryan
Deb practicing shin-jit-shoe on Georgie
He got her back!

What's that in your mouth, Michael? "Lies, lies, lies!" (he replied)
Pickle heard some people screaming his name and came by......

Nykol says this is my sweet face.
Drinking makes us silly.....
Check out Jamie's long, flowing green hair.....
Damn its cold out here!
I promised I wouldn't put the other pictures up.....
We love Jamie!!!
We are dorks.
And....the night ended with a handstand!
Sunday skillet and caramel apple stuffed pancakes. Mmmmmmmm.....
And pajamas
And coffee.....lots of coffee
Yay Sunday!
Bouncy ball of doom!
Puddin says hiya!