Sunday, April 24


Okay so I'm leaving in the morning.

I probably wont make another post for at least a week.

I will be in Cedar on Saturday about noon.

Miss you ~~ Love you

YES - - I will drive safely Jamie!

Time to go

The car is packed, my clothes laid out....everything is ready for my departure tomorrow morning.

My first stop is about 12 hours away. Mt. Vernon, KY. Which is about 9 miles from Renfro Valley...or so I'm told.....

Those PEOPLE - - the ones who moved my Goddaughter, Samantha, are there. So I get to hang with Helen and Justyn for a couple of days before hitting my next stop.

***Congrats to Justyn the new lead technician at the Kowie shop in Richmond (ooooch I THINK its Richmond..)**

After that I am off to Salina, KS which is where my Aunt and Uncle live.

I should arrive in Cedar City about noon on Saturday!

See you there!

Wednesday, April 20

Work and stuff

Sometimes doing something productive actually turns into a larger, better thing. It happened to me this week.

I had to do my "exit" interview with my boss. This is a meeting to talk about how my performance went over the course of the season. This year he suggested I email him due to time constraints. I did.....

to the tune of about 3 pages. *whew* He didn't see that coming. He called the next day and asked me to come in so as to further discuss my email.

An hour and a half later I came out feeling better informed and more useful than ever. I think he felt the same way.

(sorry to spare you the details, but too many people from work read this to expound on the bits and pieces that were actually said.)

The point is, I thought emailing would be impersonal. How silly of me to miss the magnitude of a captured audience!!!! Oh at first I just stuck to generalities...but as I typed the thoughts flowed faster and the ideas worked themselves into neat ordered paragraphs. I had to go back to the beginning and redo it all to add some new material. Forget general, I gave examples and I didn't pull any punches.

Perhaps I should have just emailed him saying "I have to come in," but I think having him actually read all the things I wanted to say made him realize that we had many subjects to cover and that we had not communicated as much as we had in earlier seasons.

The long and short of it is that we both learned some things. I, for one, witnessed an event that I had always heard of but never witnessed firsthand......the pen (or typed character, in this modern world) truly IS mightier than the sword.

Thank you, EDWARD GEORGE EARLE LYTTON BULWER-LYTTON for use of your quote.

Beneath the rule of men entirely great
The pen is mightier than the sword.
- Richelieu (act II, sc. 2)

(Did you know this guy also said "Time is Money," and "It was a dark and stormy night..."???)

.....verra verra cool.......

psssstt...Happy 4-2-0

Monday, April 18

Almost time to go

Wow so I will be leaving on my journey to Utah in one week! It's hard to believe the entire winter has passed already.

I have been packing for most of the day. There are piles of stuff everywhere. The dog knows something is up. He is moping around my suitcases sniffing my clothes and trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Luckily the husband and dog will both be visiting me this summer. I am interested to know if anyone has taken a pet as a carry on in a plane? Hopefully everything will be just fine.

I have been food saving like a maniac! Matty will be able to eat well all summer. Now the trick will be seeing how much of this food is actually left when I get home in the fall.

Ooooch...I don't want to leave but the restless soul in me says "Let's fly!" Who am I to disagree with my heart? Going away from the things that I love makes me appreciate them all the more. Plus it satisfies my wanderlust like nothing else. I am content to spend the winter in flat, dull Orlando as long as I get 4 months in the wonderland that is Southern Utah. - - Not to mention Vegas....

Okay I promise to post some scenic photos when I get there.

I am leaving Monday and will not be back online until after May 1.

Go out and do something!!!!!!!!

The Crew from FSU

This year we have a huge Florida State University contingent! The below is a blog from our guest columnist BONK!

Seminoles in force:

Zak - King of kings - Good ol boy from the KY, returning for a third year after taking one off.

Zak (Guest Columnist, among other things...) Posted by Hello

Richard - Randall ASS - Good ol boy from the TN, returning for a third year. Just received MFA from FSU

Richard Posted by Hello

Daniel - Stones MC - Good ol boy from the FL, first year, Just received MFA from FSU

Daniel Posted by Hello

Travis - Camelot MC - Good ol boy from the CO, returning for a second year, 3rd year MFA canidate

Rachel - Randall Carp - Never met her before but she is supposed to kick ass,first year with us, just received BFA from FSU

Rachelle - Adams Painter - Same as above, third year MFA canidate

Jim - Adams Painter - Crazy old bastard, it wouldn't be summer without Jim, third season, just received MFA

Jim Posted by Hello

Ben - Adams Carp - haven't met him either, incoming MFA at FSU, first season

Amy - Marketing Intern - Good party presence, first year with us

Diana - First Hand - Richard's fianceé... That's right they did it! -- returning for a third year

Diana Posted by Hello

Laura - Daniel's Wife - A welcome addition to our Seminole family out west

There will be a meatfest for sure!!!


the great Zambini

* all photos supplied by Zak so please yell at him, not me! :)

Wednesday, April 13

The Crew Heads

I know you have been waiting, so here they are:

Debbie Merrill

Debbie (and Grant from crew) at the SM Idol REACH dinner last summer. Posted by Hello

John Grüber

John is over on the left and of course Bruce Campbell on the right.... Posted by Hello

And....... the New Guy !!!!!!


Sorry I think his name is Jason but I could be making that up. Lorenzo told me at my birthday party last Saturday and I was a ~little~ messed up. *wink* I will make good on this and post a name eventually, since he will be one of my Crew Heads, I believe.

Sunday, April 10

A Great Big Thank You!

I had a great birthday!

I love it when my birthday falls during the week. Because then you can party 'till the weekend! I started on Wednesday and we kept it up until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. Yea!

On Wednesday morning I got presents in bed from Matty and that was fun! He got me The Dark Tower 5 and 2 CD's that I wanted. (Black Eyed Peas and Usher) Later that evening I went to Zak's house and his roommate Pat fixed Zak, Judie and I a great dinner! (Matt had an evening class.)

Thursday Matt and I went to my favorite restaurant, P.F. Chang's, and it was awesome.

Friday night was opening night for Midsummer Night's Dream. Matt and I spent the first part of the evening getting the house ready for the party and then headed out at about 11:00pm for the opening night party at the Orlando Shakespeare Festival. Most memorable moments included Seth's karoke of "Hey Ya!" by Outkast and when P.J. said to Jamie: "I'm not your boss tonight." (heh heh, I sure am going to miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The only bad thing was busting Matty with cigarette breath.*

Then last but not least we had our birthday party on Saturday night. It was great, great, great! (heh heh) All the my favorite people showed up and the ones I don't like stayed away! (Okay some of you had good reasons, Miss Rose and M.Smith) Our neighbors came over and at about 11:30 the OSF crowd showed up. We partied until 4:30 am! D came up from Sarasota, and it was really fun. Oh yeah! I also had my 5 month anniversary for not smoking on Saturday! Woo Hoo!

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday and I owe it all to my fantastic pals and my wonderful husband! Thanks you guys.

*More about this in a later post.

Friday, April 8

Happy News!

Well I just got an email from our own Ms. Pfun and it seems she and Mr. Vaughn are ENGADGED!!!!!!!!

Congrats you two!

This photo was taken at Jamie's Birthday party last summer. They are saying "Happy Birthday, Jamie!" Because Jamie had long since ditched her party and gone off to play.

Vaughn, Pfun and KFudge Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 2

Info needed!

Okay people, I know you have passed this blog on to others and stuff because I see how many people look at it every day! So today I emailed some people like and hopefully they will help as well.... is the deal....I don't know anyone in Props, Costumes, House Management or Company Management, concessions......etc...., really to give me the scoop. So it's up to you guys to help me pass the word. Names people!

Also, actors, I have not yet recieved March meeting notes, so I don't know who you are yeeetttttttt.......

I should have the Crew Head final info by this weekend (I hope!)

And I have the Painters somewhere, I have just misplaced the printout.

Okay so email me or post on here, damn it!

Thanks baby!



Clark and Joe Posted by Hello

Friday, April 1

Birthday List REVISED

So we added a few things to the birthday list, but this post is staying up until after the party is over.......

Okay so I never know what to tell people when they ask what to get me for my birthday, so here is a list of suggestions I have come up with.

Please don't think you need to bring a present if you are coming to our party.

Buuuuuttttt.....if you think I have been extra good, I wouldn't want to stop you or anything!!!!!!!

I loved the movie The Incredibles!

Stephen King is my favorite author, but I have not read several of his recent ones. Here is a list:
Black House
The Dark Tower V Matthew got me this one!!!!!!
The Dark Tower VI
The Dark Tower VII
Everything's Eventual

Sure would be cool to have the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Box set
(Hey I would love any ONE of the seasons too.)

Mr. Winkle Shirt.

I also love Bad Kitty.

I would love just about anything from LUSH.

The Dollar Tree has a million picture frames in 5 x 7 and 4 x 6...they always make a great gift, you just have to look around a little. I have tons of photos that need to go into frames...... :D

They don't have Stardust in Utah, so a Starbucks gift card will have to suffice!

I would love a subscription to SELF Magizine. Just let me know if you don't have our address!

We have recently realized that we should have asked for a Margarita Set and a Picnic Basket on our wedding registry!

Matt and I love Target!!!

We also love Bed Bath & Beyond.

I also feel the need to remind Matt's pals that this party is for his birthday too since we are only 9 days apart. I KNOW!!! Two Aries....who would have thought??? But it works for us. Sometimes there is yelling, but that is just the precursor to the making up part!

Anyway, might I suggest picking up his Stardust tab?
Or investing in the GT4 cheat book that I am sure is out there somewhere?
He was just saying the other day that he needed to get Lord of the Rings II because we have I and III.
Not to mention Matthew's love afair with Lowe's and Home Depot.

Okay like I said, I don't care if you bring a present or not! We combined all this stuff (2 birthdays, a housewarming and a going away party) to cut down on people feeling like they need to buy us stuff. However, I know some of you really want to get something for us so here is your silly list!

Just a reminder, if you live in our area, the party is Saturday, April 9th starting about 9:00 p.m. Most people will be at Midsummer Night Dream down at Lake Eola and wont show up until after 11:00 p.m. so just come whenever you can! If you did not get a map, email or call me (or post on here if you have to) and I will supply you with one.

We will have some wine, beer, Bacardi and Skyy.

Can't wait to see you!