Saturday, June 23

Epic Water fight of '07

Ahhhhh summer..... when it gets so hot you just want to pour water on yourself....


It started with Micah threatening to pour water on me. I hit him with a preemptive strike and splashed his water all over his face! Then all hell broke loose and then next thing we knew...

Here is a blurry Micah and Debbie already soaked!

Then Micah sprayed Deb in the face with the squirt bottle..

Here we are...the drowned rats! Damn....I look pretty dry.... too bad you can't see all of the dirty foot prints all over my jeans.

Micah got the worst of it - - though Debbie came in a close second.

Ben is visiting and he has a lot of dirty feet prints on his pants too! Debbie looks like a wet bad-ass and Ben looks annoyed but he's just squinty!


Wednesday, June 20

POGG Party (aka The Birthday Party)

Hey check it....this is where you should be this weekend if you are in are in Cedar. Hell, even if you have to come in for it....find a bed!

USF staff and Alumni only, please!


Thursday, June 7

Just a quickie....

Yeah so Cheryl is here YAY! Cheryl is Jamie's new assistant. She started on Monday and I LOVE HER! Now I get to be the Equity ASM instead of just helping Jamie in the office. I am having the BEST WEEK EVER! heh heh

Lots of fun has happened and craziness too! Leah came to visit, Gruber stopped by on his way to his new gig as ASM on Zumanity! (W00t!) My pal Jeff was in for a few hours and we got to catch up and look at pictures of his world travels. I talked to Kate G. and she quit the Cirque tour and is off to find new adventures....if you know of Props Mistress' her!!!

Samm is coming in like 2 weeks! (Micah and I are going to St. George to pick her up from the shuttle.)

One month from today our boy ZKP ties the knot with the lovely Judie!!!

This weekend E. Cook turns 24 and you know what that means......
This year the theme is TOWEL/EYEBROW party. Yes... you need to bring a towel and have crazy eyebrows. No crazy eyebrows? That's okay....they will have sharpies on hand to help you out! Should prove to be as interesting as last year's Pajama/Mustache party!!!!

Did y'all know Craig Ogg won an award this year from the Festival? Seems they liked his designs in Grad school or something. Check it out......

• Craig Ogg, from Chicago, is the winner of the James Moody Award for Excellence in Lighting. This award is given to a graduating student who demonstrated excellence in lighting design. Ogg designed lighting for many SIUC productions, including "The Crucible," "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," and "Noises Off."

Anyhow, I should run. Jamie is at the doctor for a wrist check up and I get to watch Greenshow for her!

.....did I mention I love my job.....?????