Tuesday, February 27

Lost something!

Okay so it's been a hard 2 weeks, but Matty and I gave up fast food! I know, you are saying ANGI gave up french fries?!?!?! But it's true!

I have lost 10 lbs. in the process. I am not limiting my food intake, but have discovered that I am hungry less often now that we are eating at home and taking lunch to work. I am still trying to understand....something about less fat in my diet keeps my body from thinking it's starving. I don't know how it works, but it makes me happy!

I am up to about 15 minutes on the cross trainer every day. I have also been trying to get Matty to go on walks with me. I may be acting childish, but I am afraid to walk by myself. Even having Cooper with me isn't enough. My neighborhood is safe, but it seems more and more that life is not safe and I am just nervous.

Anyhow, now I have to focus on not looking at the scale every single day. I promised myself I will only weigh in on Mondays. We will see how well I do.

P.S. My pal Ariel is the newest Blue Man in NYC!!!!! Go Ariel!!!!!!!

Monday, February 26

Quick Update (non-returners)

Brian and Melinda (Pfundstein) Vaughn will not be joining us this summer or fall. BOO!!!

David Ian Lee is not joining us this summer but maybe for the fall. (Tell everyone how much you miss him!!!!)

Misty Cotton will not be joining us for summer but who knows about fall.

Sherin Bennett-Driscoll has left Stage Management. This was a tough decision she had been thinking about for awhile. So, since October she's been working as Academic Affairs Coordinator at The Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC. It's basically stage managing academic information for a group of schools - databases, meetings, scheduling, etc. The 9-to-5 transition was a big shock at first, but she is really liking it and is very happy.

Aaron G-S will not be returning this summer. I don't know what the hell REACH is going to do without him.


They will all be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Wednesday, February 21

IKEA is coming!!!!!!

The IKEA groundbreaking ceremony was this morning near the Mall of Millenia.

Opening this fall!


Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!

Actor update (short but sweet)

Okay actors are beginning to get their contract offers. I haven't talked to Jamie yet to get the "returning Equity actors" newsletter update, but here are a few.

The TRASKmaster (aka Emily) is slotted for Ermengarde in the Matchmaker (which, from what I gather involves a lot of crying and at least one good faint) and Lend Me a Tenor.

Rhett Guter is in Greenshow and Tenor.

Shelly Gaza is planning on doing Viola (Twelfth Night) and Cordelia (Lear). She has her letter of intent so I'm posting!!!

Jane Noseworthy is playing Maggie in Tenor, and something in Coriolanous

Eric Van T is in Matchmaker.

Sadly, Michael BruSASSY will not be joining us.

Neither will David Ian Lee (unless something changed in the past couple of days.) BOO!!!!!!!

Rumor has it Dan Kremer is playing Lear!

Happy VD!

Friday, February 9

Where are they now and a bit of gossip

Amy Luckow is getting married in Mexico on the beach! (Okay-- in a church on the beach!)

Shannon Mann is still working at Milwaukee Rep but, more importantly, she has started this awesome box making business. For those of you who don't know, Shannon is a hell of an artist. Check out her work at Shanimal Designs.

Head is back in Vegas looking to do the sound guy thing! YAY HEAD!

Sadly, Terry A. will not be back with us. He said something about working in the same city he lives in. *sigh* He will be missed by all of us!!!!!!! But think good thoughts and get him a job in NYC! WE LOVE YOU TERRY!!!!!! (Because I SAID SO!) :)

Okay this is a brief update - - sorry - -

Here is the bit of gossip.....

An old face that has been missed by many is back! This person asked that s/he not be named until the contract is signed, sealed and delivered! I can't wait to tell you - - so s/he said I could give the above teaser! YAY OLD FRIENDS!!!!!!!

Another of our friends who recently said s/he would be back has been calling his/her significant other FIANCE/E lately! NO details or anything but this person seems to be VERY happy and I am glad that they are doing so well.

I heard through the grapevine that someone who brings us JOY is not coming back this summer. I think a certain Repertory theatre has sucked her in for good.

Tuesday, February 6

Details about my new job!

Details about my new job!!!!!!!
I will be on Celebrity Cruise Line.
My ship is the Infinity.

I will be the stage manager, but Mindy says my title will be
Production Manager. I will be in Nashville, TN for a week
with the cast while they rehearse then we all fly to Ft.
Lauderdale and board the ship. We rehearse while the
current cast performs and then when we get to San Diego,
the current cast departs and my cast starts their show.

I get my own cabin (no roomie) and it's a guest stateroom
which means ABOVE the waterline! heh heh I will probably
have an inside stateroom (no window) BUT WHO CARES?!?
I'm going on 2 free 14 day cruises! ACK!

14 Night Westbound Panama Canal Cruise on board Infinity

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Oranjestad, Aruba, Panama Canal (Cruising),
Fuerte Amador, Panama, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Huatulco, Mexico,
Acapulco, Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, San Diego, California

14 Night Hawaii Circle Cruise on board Infinity
San Diego, California, Hilo, Hawaii, Mount Kilauea - Evening Sail,
Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii,
Ensenada, Mexico, San Diego, California

If you click on the links above it will take you to a page that shows the maps
and more info about each port. Click the tabs to see even more crap about
the trip. I know this is probably waaay more info than you care to look at,
but I can't help it!!!!!!

OMG I am so freaking excited I can hardly wait. Of all the places I am going
the ONLY one I have been to before is Ft. Lauderdale!

Kirsten (aka A.C.) I will be in Cabo for 8 hours ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
Give me an idea of where I want to go??!!??

*dancing around* (No, really!) This is the coolest job EVER!



Okay I gotta go. I have to get dressed and go get my passport photo taken.
At least I wont have to worry about smiling.....I can't seem to stop!


Monday, February 5

King Lear is closed...

Ahhhh Lear. Closing a show is always bittersweet. I am glad I don't have to be at work tomorrow morning at 9 am for a school show.....but I was working with such a talented cast....I really enjoyed the show every night.

I have not heard from Mindy yet today so I am still in limbo about the cruise. I'm doing it, just don't know the details. I'll let you know when I do.

Until then, I am hanging out in my pjs watching trash TV and petting the dog. (Cooper says "hi, bitches" to all of his people. (If you haven't met him, Cooper calls all people bitches)


Friday, February 2

Scenic update with a bit more...

Scenic Crews:
Richard is the Scenic Supervisor.

TD: Zac
ATD: Digger
Carp: Rachel Hunter
Charge: Geno


TD: Stevie Dawson (From NC. Was TD/PM at Virginia Stage)
MC:Sam, TJ, and Drew Becker
Scenic Artists: Krista (FSU Alum)
Crew Head: Daniel Rounds
Crew: Nick Chacon

There are others in process which Richard will reveal once he confirms them.

Diana is probably the Draper for Lear

Lauren will back as a sparky but in the Adams this summer instead of the Randall. I think I know almost the whole Electrics team but I guess some of the contracts aren't signed yet, so if you see Chris H., tell him to message me!

Rhett Guter will be back for Greenshow and Lend Me a Tenor. Cool!

Kirsten wants a job so badly that I feel pretty certain she is on the list....NOT...okay just kidding! I have to give my pal A.C. a hard time. Jamie says Karen is finalizing stuff next week and so I will post an SM roudup soon enough.

YES! I am hoping to come back. I am in negotiation with Karen regarding the AEA ASM job and PSM of Mousetrap (fall). But she is getting back to me so that could change. I never never count chickens anymore. It's a waste of time.


Check out the TRASKmaster on TV! Yeah she rocks. Catch Emily in Paradise for Next Act Theatre

Katie Mac reports that she is staying in sunny L.A. for the summer, but will visit.

MissaKat (or Melissa, if you must) is still in New Orleans working as the lighting director for the Jefferson Performing Arts Society.

Zak is getting ready for his Hawaiian themed wedding in July. His lovely bride is taking care of all the details so I am sure it will be awesome. I will be there dressed in a bright orange sarong, so worry not, there will be tons of pictures for you all to giggle at!