Tuesday, October 6

A quickie for you

Well okay so I have been sucking at updating this lately. I have a good excuse though! I have been at sea for 5 of the last 6 weeks. I went on the NCL Jade for a month - home for a minute and then went to the NCL Spirit.

I have some photos but hubby gave me a new camera and I recently discovered I can't just plug it into my computer and transfer. I have to use his computer because it has a card reader. Yeah, like I am ever at home to use his computer!!!

Anyway, I leave Saturday for the NCL Gem and will be there 2 weeks. Then I am back in Nashville for a minute....and off to the Celebrity Constellation for a month. I know.... no rest for the wicked. That has become my mantra. (Yes, I realize that is a little screwed up....but I am a little screwed up so WHAT??? ) tee hee

Anyway - settle for some random shots of the ships and I will put some of my photos up as soon as I get home and settled. I get home on Nov. 22.

I will try to be better.... its just so hard to blog on the ship because the internet is expensive.

Love one another.....

Saturday, September 19

Crazy times

Ok so I have been in Europe for a while and its not over. I am home for a second but I leave tomorrow and will be heading to Canada, then back to Europe and then to the Caribbean. It should be some insane fun. I will post my NCL Jade photos in the next few days.... soon... I promise....


Friday, August 7

Excerpts from the summer blog

Oh hey,

So doing two blogs all summer was too much. I just didn't have the time or the internet connection to make it happen. I have copied some of my blogs from the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.

May 28, 2009 Angi Travels Out West

Hello, I'm Angi, one of the Stage Managers. My dog, Cooper, and I are driving from Orlando, Florida to Reno, Nevada this week. We will be stopping to see some fun people on the way. I will be blogging about the trip here.

My journey to Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival officially started yesterday morning at 6am when my alarm starting blaring "Lean on Me.". Oy. I am not a morning person. This is why I work in theatre! But nonetheless, I put the last couple of items in the car, grabbed the dog, kissed Hubby and headed out.

Rain for the first two or three hours. No good. But it cleared up somewhere in South Georgia and I had a nice drive to Atlanta.

Friends Helen and Justyn live here in the ATL and put me up for the night. My adorable god daughter, Samantha has gotten so big! She is almost-six. She has two days of school left. She read me an entire book before bed. Yeah, she is the main reason I took the easy "only seven hours the first day" route.

Today, not so easy. I am going to make it to Salina, KS this evening. 15 hours of open road today. I'm up for it. I have tunes, Russian lessons, podcasts and snacks. Did I mention I love road trips?

Time to go! Gotta grab the dog.

Monday, June 1 Prep Week

Wow so we really are trail blazing here! Nykol and I came into a place where there was no Stage Management department in place and we made one up! It has been a crazy week but what a rush!

The first part of the week was so busy. I got here (Reno, NV) on Saturday and Nykol got in Sunday. We talked game plan, policy and Create-A-Company. We made a huge list over coffee and got to work.

Tuesday we went to the office. We have a conference room in the basement at UNR I have been thrown back into the world of Academia. The college is right down the street from Reno's city center. The Biggest Little City in the World.

We have scheduled meetings, attended meetings, stocked first aid, created paperwork by the ton. Yay new templates!

Shopping with Grüber is a blast. We had a field trip to Staples. I have really enjoyed working with him so far. I expect that will continue through the season!

I really like Team SM. We have a great group and will rock this summer out! The entire company is awesome, to be specific I am at the end of a loooooong prep week. I have to finish putting my book together, go shop for courtesy items and (of course) check Facebook.

Tuesday, June 9 TEAM SM

Well our first week of rehearsals are over. Team SM completed a marathon of paperwork and finished Sunday night distribution in 50 minutes. Stage Management updates all the paperwork on Sunday to reflect the changes that happened during the week. New props list, new line assignments, cuts and additions to the script, anything that is different.

We spent this week doing table work. That means the actors and directors (and Team SM) sit around a big table and talk through their parts. We explore character development and try to figure out what Shakespeare meant when he wrote each line. The actors get to know each other and try out bits to find the funny or the tragic. I don't have a lot to do while this is going on. I use the time to double check all my info is correct and all my ducks are in a row. I also make sure we stay on track and take breaks at the correct time.

Next week is when the fun starts for me. When we get on our feet.

Team SM continues to amaze me. My assistant, Claire, is fantastic. She is fun and smart and easy to get along with. She is the only new addition to this team, but you would never know it. She made the transition flawlessly and we feel like she has been part of our group forever!

My director, Fontaine, is also pretty amazing. She is a strong woman, but she isn't letting her feminism cloud the overall feel of Much Ado. If you don't know, women are treated like objects in most literature from this time period. This play is no exception. However, Much Ado has some strong women in it and could be played with bumbling fool men, leading to a whole different interpretation. I like that Fontaine has addressed this and also shared that she wants the antics of the show to reflect the relationships between men and women from all aspects and not either side of the "typical coin."

Well the week is done, its my day off and I am going to explore Reno! I like the "Biggest Little City in the World.". It does have a small town feel but with all the good stores. UNR is only blocks from downtown so I have had a chance to check out "the strip." It is no Vegas but it is good fun. I have a million picture of various friends having fun but I was not there. Work kept me away from Eurofest and $.99 margaritas. Soon, little city, soon.

Tuesday, June 16 BLOCKING THE SHOW

The phase after table work is called blocking. We stagemanagers have measured the plans for the set and laid down different colors oftape to represent the stage. This gives the actors a good idea where the wallsand stairs are. It shows them windows, doors, entrances and the like. Next thedirector tells the actors where to move to inside the scene. I keep track in myscript of where everyone moves to and how they get there. This is blocking. Itsimportant to keep a record of where everyone is during the show for a myriad ofreasons. The costumers need to know where the actor is going to exit so theycan be in the right place to do quick changes, the crew needs to know so the propscan be in the right place. I need to know so I can call light and sound whenthe actors say or do the cues. Blocking takes a bit of time. Last week we didPart One. Part one is everything that happens before intermission. Shakespeare wrote plays in five acts so part oneusually ends somewhere in the middle of Act three. In other words, we are abouthalf way through.

We tried to go roller skating on our day off yesterday, butit is not yet open for the summer. So we went to a huge outdoor mall, which wasfun.

We have two more weeks here in Reno before we move to the lake. Today is anexciting day because we find out where we are living when we move! Hooray!

Thursday, July 2

We made the big move! We finished out our last week in Reno, packed everyone up and headed to the Lake.

The last two weeks went by like a whirlwind. We managed to move into the Redfield theatre, the designers flocked in and we ran the show a couple of times. We found time for a million fittings and voice and speech sessions. We worked scenes and found new moments of laughter and tears.

Then we all packed up and headed to our new digs at the lovely Northstar resort. We have the cutest lodge with two balconies and sweeping views of the mountains. The move went very smoothly. We settled right in. A special THANK YOU to Company Management for making it easy. Can you imagine almost your entire company picking up and moving 40 miles away without missing a beat of work? Yeah. We did it!

We had a wonderful BBQ at the gazebo near our theatre. I think everyone is breathing a collective sigh of relief that the move is behind us and we can work on the actual stage.

My show is spending the first three hours of rehearsal at Tahoe School in a rehearsals space so the carpenters can have some extra time to work. I am heading to the school now to tape out the set and create a place to rehearse.


Friday, May 1

Floating on the Sea

Have been on the NCL Gem for a while. Lots to talk about but internet is SOOOO expensive on the ship. Even with the crew internet... it's still $20 for 200 minutes. Have been writing down snippets of info and will paste them all in here. I know.. this is normally for land based stuff but I want to talk about this!

(<== my incoming cast at my birthday party in Nashville!)

Finally got all the info I needed to get my cast on the ship. It was down to the wire! Igor's background check came in just an hour before my deadline. Whew!

It was an odyssey to get ON the ship. Something got mixed up and someone didn't scroll to the right....yes...seriously.. on an attachment.... and anyway, it kept us on the gangway for 4 hours. Just waiting. Finally got it sorted about 20 minutes before we sailed. Sad because Terry was just minutes away and I couldn't see him at all. I was really hoping to hang out, even if it was just in the cruise terminal. but NO.... I will know better next time and I will ensure that everyone looks at every Excel document correctly.....

Transatlantic voyages... this is my third. This is the smoothest I have had. NYC to the Azores. 5 days at sea. Don't envy me. Envy me when I get to the Med. Ahh the Med... I can see it coming. ...not really but in my mind!
(<== almost everyone in this photo is from the outgoing cast...there are more of them but I don't have one picture with all of them!) I am loving the Gem, The outgoing cast are all nice people. Living together in a confined space for 6 months can be taxing. I have been doing exit interviews for two weeks with them. I have not found one I don't like. :)

My incoming cast is a dream. I love them. LOVE. I have been with them now for almost 6 weeks. I can't believe I have to leave them in a little over a week. I am not ready. They are just wonderful. And TALENTED!

I have made a lot of new friends on this voyage. More than other ships, I think, since on here I can go into all the crew areas with my name tag. I actually interact with the crew on a regular basis and they see me in the crew bar! Casino Host, Adrian from Romanian - a friend to the END. I will always stay in touch.

The shows are coming together. The old cast is leaving in a couple of days and my new cast will start opening shows. I will miss the old cast! Oh guys, I don't want to name you all on here. You know who you are. Ports are beautiful. What I have seen of them anyhow. Hope to have some photos to post soon.

I am learning Russian! Roman (Russian) has been teaching me everyday. I am a terrible student but I am trying. He is very patient. I have known Roman since my very first Infinity contract in 2007. Back then he hardly spoke English. Now he is a pro. He has promised to email me to continue my lessons. I also have Igor (Ukrainian) to help me. He's a sweetie pie and has also been patient with me. We will see how long that lasts! Ha ha!

(<== This is Roman Bykov, my Russian teacher, a fierce dancer, and friend to the end.)

Ok enough for now. I will post again near the end of my journey.

Dasvedanya! (Until next time!)

Tuesday, April 14

Almost time....

Well this year I will be moving the Porch to Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. I know, I know... what will happen to Utah... Don't worry. I have plenty of pals there who will update me. I will post for Utah on occasion.

However, here is the twist.... Lake Tahoe Shakes asked me to blog for them in an official capacity. I will be posting here in a personal capacity but there in a....less personal... sort of way.

I am looking forward to heading out to Reno and then on to Incline Village. I will post some photos and stuff about my cross country travels.

Have a great month! I'll be leaving for my cruise to the Mediterranean in a few days. I will have lots of photos and thoughts about that too!



Wednesday, March 11

Almost home

I will be home in 3 days and I have a fantastic Goat Cheese Soufflé recipe to share with you. I might have a Chocolate Soufflé recipe by the end of the cruise.... we shall see. The Caribbean is nice but I am ready to be home again.


Friday, February 13

Burning the Christmas Tree

Ok so I totally forgot to post this video I made of the annual burning of the Christmas tree. Every year we head to Lakehaus on or around New Year's for the weekend. One of the fun activities we do is burn the all of our Christmas trees.

This is a 6' (or so) tree that we had in our living room. The boys built a stand out of wood and tossed in the tree. I would not recommend doing this if you live in a densely populated area. Lakehaus is in Ocala National Forest and doesn't have a lot of neighbors. We also had a hose standing by! I should point out that this tree went up in about 30 seconds. Remember that when you feel too lazy to water your tree at home....

Ok, enough blather... watch this sucker BURN!

Angi - Smoke Free and Healing for One Month, Four Days, 12 Hours and 58 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 2 Days and 11 Hours, by avoiding the use of 711 cigarettes.

Tuesday, February 10

A response to John McCain's lack of understanding.

I got this message on Facebook today:

Today, John McCain said: “$50 million in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts — all of us are for the arts,” McCain said. “Tell me how that creates any significant number of jobs?"

Please tell him about your job:


Dear John--

I understand you are not aware of how funding for the arts creates jobs. So, I'd like to tell you what I do for a living. I am a...

Thank you so much for asking what I do.


Here is the letter I sent....

Dear Senator McCain,

I understand you are not aware of how funding for the arts creates jobs. So, I'd like to tell you what I do for a living. I am a Stage Manager. My job is to make sure everything happens during the production. Without me the lights will not go, the sounds will not happen, the set will not move, no one will be dressed and the actors will not enter.

In any given production I have a crew of at least 5 and upwards of 50 working under me to make the show run. This does not include the actors, the ushers, or the concessions people who work to make sure you have a good time while attending our production.

I am saddened to hear you do not believe we need more funding for the arts. I am saddened that you do not understand how giving money to the NEA can create more jobs.

Due to cuts in funding, the theatre I have worked in for the past 9 years has to cut 45-60 jobs this season. That $50 million could help give some of those people back their jobs. Additionally, the more money we have, the larger the production we can put on. We can do a musical with a cast of 50 instead of a straight play with a cast of 4. Larger shows mean larger scenery, more lights and costumes -- hence the need for more people. This is where the creation of new jobs comes in!

Saying you support the arts and actually doing it are two different things.

Thank you so much for asking what I do. I hope my note has helped you to understand how $50 million in funding for the Nation Endowment of the Arts can, in fact, create more jobs.


AEA Stage Manager

Monday, February 9

Passing the one month mark!

Free Clipart Graphic of a

Well it's official.... Hubby and I have been off the cigarettes for an entire month! I am so proud of Matt for sticking this out. He's put up with my bitching and moaning forever! (The best part is, he hasn't killed me....YET) Ha Ha, seriously... We were both whiny and crappy for a while but he is over it and I think I will be soon.

All in all, I gained 16.3 lbs in during my quit phase. I know I am beating it because since last Wednesday I have lost 6.1 of those pounds! I have a ways to go, but it is a start! I hate that we had to gain weight at all, but I understand the whole "healthy intestines absorb more nutrients" thing. But that doesn't mean I have to like it!!! (I should mention that I am very fat and losing 6 lbs. in 6 days in not a huge weight fluctuation...put your eyes back in your head and DO NOT comment that I lost weight too fast.) :)

Matt handled this whole thing better than me. I think it is because he doesn't have the fiery temper I have. He would just get quieter and quieter while I would yell louder and louder...
He also disappeared into his studio a lot (most likely to get away from me) to work on his photos. I should mention that you can see his fantastic work by clicking here.

I did a lot of cleaning the house, a lot of bitching and SOME exercise. I know I should exercise more, but I am sedentary by nature and I am doing the best I can! Okay, I did some cooking too. As evidenced by all the recipes I posted on here. But I think that also came from being on "vacation" for the past 3 1/2 months. *sigh* Vacation, my rear end! I am laid off. I just hate to put a negative spin on it. BUT the good news is I start working again in less than 2 weeks. The long, dark tea-time of my soul is almost over!

I have found that I talk about quitting smoking all the time. I think my friends are tired of hearing about it. The smokers think I am preaching and the non-smokers are tired of saying "good job!" But I can't seem to stop. Smoking was such a part of my life for so long that I think about it quite a bit. I am trying, pals, I am not trying to drive you insane. Actually, I am trying to keep myself from going crazy!

Another thing I realized is that we needed a period of time away from our smoker friends. Matt and I both have addictive personalities so we have a hard time saying no! I have only seen pals that smoke twice in the past month. Both times I had to run away to resist asking for a cigarette. However, I feel like a month is the right amount of time. Now I think I can go see smoking pals again. So any of you who I have been avoiding, chat me up, bitch me out, whatever...just call me so we can get together! :)

Ok, I think this blather has gone on long enough. Time to marinate some chicken. I am trying a new recipe tonight called Chicken with Roasted Lemon and Rosemary. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Angi - Free and Healing for One Month, 10 Hours and 56 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 2 Days and 4 Hours, by avoiding the use of 629 cigarettes that would have cost me $143.62.

Friday, January 30

Sweet Boy

Look what daddy made! Matt cleared space in the office monster for a mini photo studio. Cooper loves to have his photo taken. That dog is sweet as pie.

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Summer job

Well it's official. Matt and I are going to Tahoe this summer. We are going to work for Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. I will be the SM of Much Ado About Nothing and Matt is the Lighting Supervisor.

I will be sad to not work for Utah Shakes this summer but working with Matty will be oh-so-wonderful! I think some others will be there too so I will let you in on them eventually.

I am interested in your feelings on this blog. Should I use it for Tahoe and the "Utahoes" (as Randy Handly has christened us) or should I end it since it is technically about the Porch and the Utah Shakes.

I will have the Porch in Tahoe. We will be having a superhero party, I imagine. So do you care about this blog for your connection to Utah Shakes or to me? Let me know what you think.

On the Utah front: Becky, Karen, Erin and TBA will the SM's. Seth is coming back as ASM. Devon is coming back in the Hair house.

I know more but have not cleared it with them to talk about. I'll let you know as I talk to people.

Angi - Smoke free and Healing for Twenty One Days and 14 Hours, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 11 Hours, by avoiding the use of 432 cigarettes!

Monday, January 26

Travel Map

This is what your travel map looks like when you work on a cruise ship.

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Saturday, January 24

Funny commercial!! (Dirty)

Want more info and out takes??? Go here: http://condomunity.com/entertainment/durex-get-it-on/

Pass this on!!!!

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Thursday, January 22

Fried Wii and Smokey Joe's Cafe at UCF

Yesterday morning we had a tiny little power surge in the living room. I heard on the news that the power company was experiencing overload because it got to *gasp* 30 degrees overnight. I know, I know.... my northern pals are rolling their eyes but remember I live in Central Florida and we are not used to those low numbers.

Anyway, so I go to turn on the Wii for my daily dose of humility (it makes that disapproving sound and says "That's obese!") and...... nothing. No light. No sound of the cd starting up. Hmmm... I unplug the wires from the back of the Wii and plug back in. Nothing. *sigh* Now I am a little scared because, as you all know, this system didn't come cheap. I call Hubby. He says he doesn't know what to do but will look at it later. In the meantime, my personal trainer (Lysa) says do yoga without it. I whine, she sympathizes, I start doing yoga.

Flash forward to the evening. I saw the final dress of Smokey Joe's Cafe at UCF. Cute! It's hard for me sometimes because I work in professional theatre so I am very critical - but for a college show, it was pretty good. The weakest part was the costume design. It was not good. NOT GOOD. But overall I liked the show.

Matty looked at the Wii this morning and told me to contact Wii customer service. I decided I will do that but first I google this phrase: Help, a power surge fried my Wii.

5,670 results! All saying the same thing. Unplug the power cord from the surge protector and the Wii. Wait a few minutes. Try it.

It try it. IT WORKS! YAY!!!!!! Wii calls me obese and all is well in the world.

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Wednesday, January 21

Props people needed!!!

Hey so remember before when I told you John Gruber was the PM for Tahoe Shakes and he needed a Company Manager? Well now he is looking for Props people. All categories... Master, artisans, etc. Drop him your resume at jgruber@theatremaker.com and tell him Angi sent you!!!!

Vindication for my Northern pals

Angi - Smoke free and Healing for Twelve Days, 9 Hours and 11 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 20 Hours, by avoiding the use of 248 cigarettes!

It is freezing here in Florida! Actually cold, it was 34 degrees when I woke up. yes, I know I am from Indiana and I am supposed to be able to handle the cold but my blood is thin now... I have been here for almost 10 years!

Gotta go find a sweater.

Sunday, January 18


Angi - Smoke free and Healing for Nine Days, 20 Hours and 11 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 16 Hours, by avoiding the use of 197 cigarettes.

Wii Fit strength training is HARD. My thigh muscles are so sore I can hardly stand it. Friggin' lunges and planks. Dude. But I guess it's good huh? It made me sweat AND now it hurts. Just like a real workout. I have managed to get the holiday weight off but the quitting smoking weight is a lot more stubborn. Oh, and there is all that fat on me too. Ahhh well, I will keep it up and maybe there will be more results.

We cleaned the garage today! Matt can fit his truck in again! YAY! We have a truckload of things to donate to the Goodwill. Hooray for tax write-offs and getting rid of things we no longer need. But mostly... hooray for organization. Hey, I am a stage manager..... I crave organization....what can I say?
Free Blinkies

Thursday, January 15

Quit counter

Angi - Smoke free and Healing for Six Days, 14 Hours and 37 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 11 Hours, by avoiding the use of 132 cigarettes!

Some news...

Ok here is the big news.

I am not returning this summer.

I know, it makes me sad, but it is time to move on. I want to be with my husband this summer. I have been married 6 years and have NEVER spent a summer with him. Yeah, so I am selfish. Sorry.

I will continue to post Utah info up here as I hear about it. If you want to PSM or ASM at Utah, now is the time to be calling Karen. If you don't know Karen, you should have already applied to USF because the deadline was back in October! Ok, try FSM@bard.org

More later....

Monday, January 12

Quitting smoking can kill you

I hate this emotional roller coaster that nicotine fits put me on. Shouting, bitching, crying and being awake a lot more. I don't know why that happens but I find myself awake no more than 7 hours after I go to sleep.

I am getting really annoyed at things I can't control. Things that normally don't bother me, like the fact that Debbie never returns my calls or answers her phone. Now I am pissed that I have tried to call her 8 times in the past 30 days to no avail. Whatever.

Here is my little quit counter's take on me.

Angi - Free and Healing for Three Days, 7 Hours and 15 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 5 Hours, by avoiding the use of 66 cigarettes that would have cost me $15.06.

So why don't I feel happy and healthy? I have gained 3 lbs. too. Nice. I just love that my already fat ass is going to get bigger before this is all over. Yes, I am exercising, BACK OFF! If one more well meaning person tells me to get out there and sweat...... well I might rip that person's brain out through their nose. (I know, not a good description but its the best I can come up with before the coffee is done brewing.)

And no, I am not breathing easier! It takes a few weeks for the ugly, hacking, smoker's cough to go away. I am only on day 3.

Day 3 of the rest of my life......


Ok it's not as bad as I make it out to be. Or at least in this paragraph I am not feeling as angry as I was up there near the top of the blog. - -

Oh good, coffee is done.

A new year... a new season....

It's about that time. You have seen the new season, right?

Are you coming back? Let me know.

I have a few pieces of info but I am not quite ready to share them as of yet.


Saturday, January 10

Long while

Ok so it has been a bit since I blogged. I went to Indiana for a while and when I got back preparations for Christmas went into high gear. The chocolate covered oreos were a huge hit.

I had a great Christmas filled with high tech pressies and lots of love!

Next on the agenda was my sister in law's wedding. Lots of details to run down and pretty dresses to wear. Cool hair and makeup too!

A shout out to the Funky Monkey in Orlando! We had the "bachelor/bachelorette" party there and it was fantastic! I recommend the Sea Monkey roll if you are a sushi fan. Mmmmmm!! They have great wines too. Our pal, Seth, works there and he was awesome as server for the whole party.

Wedding day was great fun. It was a loooong day

Okay more new year blather later. I need to finally post this.

*Angi WB*
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