Thursday, December 8

Every Xmas Story Ever Told

For some publicity shots and reviews of the show click here.

Well it all started in a little rehearsal hall with some crazy props and some dedicated ASM's

Here is Emily, she is my first ASM (in charge of Props and Set)

Here is my second ASM, Melissa, she is in charge of Costumes.

Here are two of our many the corner on the left you can see Sweden and in the center is our Xmas Xtreme banner.

Our thre fantastic actors and our brilliant director (Jim Helsinger) working through a tech rehearsal.

The actors doing some choreography for the finale entitled "Every Christmas Carol Ever Sung."

Here is our set - - ready for the top of the show.

Debbie was my ASM for the morning part of the rehearsal period......It's difficult to explain, but basically Mel and Em were running another show during the day so the first part of the rehearsal day I had Debbie and Lindsay and then when the kids show was over, Emily and Melissa came in and took over the rehearsal. Yeah - - it was a little crazy to say the least...but we made it and I could have never run the rehearsal without the four of them.

Here is our fearless Production Manager, PJ, don't let him fool you - - he's not working he's just pretending. Sometimes he comes into our office (Company/Stage Management) to get away from the hustle and bustle of the theatre (i.e. PJ - I need..... PJ I want....PJ I HAVE TO HAVE.....) We like it when he comes in because we get to chat.

Jamie is my office mate. She's the KICK ASS Company Manager who always makes me smile. She was my ASM on Trapezium last year with Nicole, and I loved them very much. But they moved on....Jamie is the CM and Nicole is a carpenter.

Here are Debbie and Lindsay working diligently. (Well it sure looks like that doesn't it????)

Heh heh this is a fun place to work. Don't you wish you worked here too??????

If you live in Central Florida, come see Every Christmas Story Ever Told before it closes on Dec. 24. You will regret it if you dooooooooon't!!!!!!!

Kenzie's Downtown Disney Sing

Kenzie's school performed at 2:15p

Here she is getting ready to sing and looking cute as ever (she's the red head in the middle if you didn't know).

Getting ready to sing her little heart out...

Here's a shot of the whole choir.

Now I have some video clips, but I am not sure how to upload bear with me if they don't work right away.

Kenzie's first song. (I had to upload the movie clips to my geocities web site so you will need to click the link to view them!)

Another Kenzie song. (When the tiny video shows up you can right click on it to view full screen - - if ya wanna!)

Kenzie rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!