Monday, October 16

Week One

Current weight 237.8 lbs.

Well so I did okay. I lost 6 lbs. I didn't excersize as much as I should but this is a nice start, eh?

I'm happy with it.

The diet is easy and I am getting used to eating so often and stuff. I cheated last night and had pizza and cookies and paid for it with an upset stomach all evening.


Monday, October 9

Open Season

*All photos are from the Utah Shakespearean Festival website and may not be reproduced without permission.

(John Bisom as Johnny Guitar and Misty Cotton as Vienna in Johnny Guitar)

Well we are up and running and through the first week. It was a crazy ride and sometimes I was just hanging on for dear life, but we made it through and the shows are damn funny if I do say so myself.

(Melinda Pfundstein as Emma in Johnny Guitar)

Johnny Guitar (my show) had 4 shows this week and understudy rehearsal so it was a busy time. Did I mention that one of the shows started at NINE A.M? Yeah. Good thing my show is so short!

(Left to Right:(Back Row)Mark Light-Orr as McIvers, Matthew-Lee Erlbach as Posse (Front Row)Martin Swoverland as Posse, John Bisom as Johnny, Geroge Walker as Turkey, Michael Reed as Posse, Michael Sharon as Dancin' Kid)

There have been a bunch of parties since we opened, Opening Night, Ben's B.I.G Party (one of my personal FAVORITES), Martin's Wine and Cheese do-dah, Martin and Bree's Birthday (The best of the season I think - special thanks to Jamie for graciously hosting even though Mason was trying to rough her up!!!), Ray's birthday, Jim's Going Away party..... all fun and great. But taxing. I had to make myself sit down and write this instead of taking a nap like I want to!!!!!!!!

Okay I will post the archival video clips when they come out and let you know what is coming up. Dabbie and I are going to have a Tappas Fall 'o Ween Party soon. We have not figured out which weekend yet!!!!!!!


And so it begins...

Okay so I got this program called the 6 week body makeover because it is short and I feel like I can commit to something this length. If it works out I will probably keep it up but I am just trying it out because it has interested me for a few years and it is still on the market so it must have some merits.

Current weight: 243.8