Friday, January 30

Sweet Boy

Look what daddy made! Matt cleared space in the office monster for a mini photo studio. Cooper loves to have his photo taken. That dog is sweet as pie.

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Summer job

Well it's official. Matt and I are going to Tahoe this summer. We are going to work for Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. I will be the SM of Much Ado About Nothing and Matt is the Lighting Supervisor.

I will be sad to not work for Utah Shakes this summer but working with Matty will be oh-so-wonderful! I think some others will be there too so I will let you in on them eventually.

I am interested in your feelings on this blog. Should I use it for Tahoe and the "Utahoes" (as Randy Handly has christened us) or should I end it since it is technically about the Porch and the Utah Shakes.

I will have the Porch in Tahoe. We will be having a superhero party, I imagine. So do you care about this blog for your connection to Utah Shakes or to me? Let me know what you think.

On the Utah front: Becky, Karen, Erin and TBA will the SM's. Seth is coming back as ASM. Devon is coming back in the Hair house.

I know more but have not cleared it with them to talk about. I'll let you know as I talk to people.

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Monday, January 26

Travel Map

This is what your travel map looks like when you work on a cruise ship.

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Saturday, January 24

Funny commercial!! (Dirty)

Want more info and out takes??? Go here:

Pass this on!!!!

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Thursday, January 22

Fried Wii and Smokey Joe's Cafe at UCF

Yesterday morning we had a tiny little power surge in the living room. I heard on the news that the power company was experiencing overload because it got to *gasp* 30 degrees overnight. I know, I know.... my northern pals are rolling their eyes but remember I live in Central Florida and we are not used to those low numbers.

Anyway, so I go to turn on the Wii for my daily dose of humility (it makes that disapproving sound and says "That's obese!") and...... nothing. No light. No sound of the cd starting up. Hmmm... I unplug the wires from the back of the Wii and plug back in. Nothing. *sigh* Now I am a little scared because, as you all know, this system didn't come cheap. I call Hubby. He says he doesn't know what to do but will look at it later. In the meantime, my personal trainer (Lysa) says do yoga without it. I whine, she sympathizes, I start doing yoga.

Flash forward to the evening. I saw the final dress of Smokey Joe's Cafe at UCF. Cute! It's hard for me sometimes because I work in professional theatre so I am very critical - but for a college show, it was pretty good. The weakest part was the costume design. It was not good. NOT GOOD. But overall I liked the show.

Matty looked at the Wii this morning and told me to contact Wii customer service. I decided I will do that but first I google this phrase: Help, a power surge fried my Wii.

5,670 results! All saying the same thing. Unplug the power cord from the surge protector and the Wii. Wait a few minutes. Try it.

It try it. IT WORKS! YAY!!!!!! Wii calls me obese and all is well in the world.

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Wednesday, January 21

Props people needed!!!

Hey so remember before when I told you John Gruber was the PM for Tahoe Shakes and he needed a Company Manager? Well now he is looking for Props people. All categories... Master, artisans, etc. Drop him your resume at and tell him Angi sent you!!!!

Vindication for my Northern pals

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It is freezing here in Florida! Actually cold, it was 34 degrees when I woke up. yes, I know I am from Indiana and I am supposed to be able to handle the cold but my blood is thin now... I have been here for almost 10 years!

Gotta go find a sweater.

Sunday, January 18


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Wii Fit strength training is HARD. My thigh muscles are so sore I can hardly stand it. Friggin' lunges and planks. Dude. But I guess it's good huh? It made me sweat AND now it hurts. Just like a real workout. I have managed to get the holiday weight off but the quitting smoking weight is a lot more stubborn. Oh, and there is all that fat on me too. Ahhh well, I will keep it up and maybe there will be more results.

We cleaned the garage today! Matt can fit his truck in again! YAY! We have a truckload of things to donate to the Goodwill. Hooray for tax write-offs and getting rid of things we no longer need. But mostly... hooray for organization. Hey, I am a stage manager..... I crave organization....what can I say?
Free Blinkies

Thursday, January 15

Quit counter

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Some news...

Ok here is the big news.

I am not returning this summer.

I know, it makes me sad, but it is time to move on. I want to be with my husband this summer. I have been married 6 years and have NEVER spent a summer with him. Yeah, so I am selfish. Sorry.

I will continue to post Utah info up here as I hear about it. If you want to PSM or ASM at Utah, now is the time to be calling Karen. If you don't know Karen, you should have already applied to USF because the deadline was back in October! Ok, try

More later....

Monday, January 12

Quitting smoking can kill you

I hate this emotional roller coaster that nicotine fits put me on. Shouting, bitching, crying and being awake a lot more. I don't know why that happens but I find myself awake no more than 7 hours after I go to sleep.

I am getting really annoyed at things I can't control. Things that normally don't bother me, like the fact that Debbie never returns my calls or answers her phone. Now I am pissed that I have tried to call her 8 times in the past 30 days to no avail. Whatever.

Here is my little quit counter's take on me.

Angi - Free and Healing for Three Days, 7 Hours and 15 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 5 Hours, by avoiding the use of 66 cigarettes that would have cost me $15.06.

So why don't I feel happy and healthy? I have gained 3 lbs. too. Nice. I just love that my already fat ass is going to get bigger before this is all over. Yes, I am exercising, BACK OFF! If one more well meaning person tells me to get out there and sweat...... well I might rip that person's brain out through their nose. (I know, not a good description but its the best I can come up with before the coffee is done brewing.)

And no, I am not breathing easier! It takes a few weeks for the ugly, hacking, smoker's cough to go away. I am only on day 3.

Day 3 of the rest of my life......


Ok it's not as bad as I make it out to be. Or at least in this paragraph I am not feeling as angry as I was up there near the top of the blog. - -

Oh good, coffee is done.

A new year... a new season....

It's about that time. You have seen the new season, right?

Are you coming back? Let me know.

I have a few pieces of info but I am not quite ready to share them as of yet.


Saturday, January 10

Long while

Ok so it has been a bit since I blogged. I went to Indiana for a while and when I got back preparations for Christmas went into high gear. The chocolate covered oreos were a huge hit.

I had a great Christmas filled with high tech pressies and lots of love!

Next on the agenda was my sister in law's wedding. Lots of details to run down and pretty dresses to wear. Cool hair and makeup too!

A shout out to the Funky Monkey in Orlando! We had the "bachelor/bachelorette" party there and it was fantastic! I recommend the Sea Monkey roll if you are a sushi fan. Mmmmmm!! They have great wines too. Our pal, Seth, works there and he was awesome as server for the whole party.

Wedding day was great fun. It was a loooong day

Okay more new year blather later. I need to finally post this.

*Angi WB*
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