Monday, May 29

Hell Yeah I was at the BBQ....WHERE WERE YOU???

Okay so the mountain BBQ was yesterday. We got there fashionably late at 4p (it started at 3p) and walked into an almost barren dining room. WTF? We checked outside and saw a small group of people sitting near the grill. No one playing volleyball, no one playing football, Frisbee, horseshoes.... No hikers. *blink* Did you all forget your coats and had to stay home? Did you somehow forget to show up? BOOOOOOO on those of you who didn't show! They actually shut down the grill at around 5p because no one was eating anymore.

We grabbed some food and headed down to the playground. Several people followed and as we started a game of horseshoe some other activities started. There was an 6 person volleyball game and some people playing catch until enough players showed to make the football game. Jess captured all of us playing on her trusty camera. (Thanks Jess!)

After the MFin's (Gi-Love and Mekano) beat the pants off of the MFer's (Diggity and J-mizzle) in horseshoes we all went over to cheer for the footballers....oops I mean the people playing football. heh heh. As you may know - - Trudykins started a tradition a few years back where the spectators shouted terms from OTHER sports like: FORE! and TRAVELING! and GOAL!!!!! I felt it needed to continue and so started shouting. I explained to the crowd what they needed to do - - but they were too amused by me to join in so I was all alone in my screaming. Don't worry Trudy - - I made you proud.

I am sad that so many of you didn't come. I am afraid Co. Mgmt. will cancel this in the future due to poor turn out. YOU GUYS MISSED A GREAT TIME!

Okay I didn't take any pictures because I suck. But Jess did and I will see if I can't get some from her or someone else to put up here.

All that is left to say is this: THANKS COMPANY MANAGEMENT FOR A GREAT TIME!!!!

oh yeah - - I do have something else to say....

The Hat Posse rocks, bitches! You better represent!

Cliggity Clark: call me


Matty- I love you!


Thursday, May 25

Mountain BBQ

Ahh the BBQ.

It's this Sunday up the canyon. You better be there, bitches! It is so much fun. I will be taking some photos to put up here for all of you who can't be with us this weekend.

3:00p to 7:00p.

I know we will all miss Petey's DJ stylings, but I'm sure Company Management will find someone to replace him. They have been asking around.

My car is full - - sorry!!!!!

Okay see you there!

Wednesday, May 17

I've got nuttin'

I feel like I should post because its been a week or more since my last one.


Things seem to be going fine. Rehearsals are progressing, I have had 2 secondaries! YAY! I heard I might have another one tomorrow. *sigh* it does get a little boring in the office all day.

On an up note, I have lost 3 lbs. I am not on a diet, but I am exercising more and I am trying to not eat fast food. Since I have been here, I have only had Wendy's once and Panda Express once and that's it for fast food. YEAH! I know, can you believe it?

YES I know this is supposed to be about the festival and not about me....... but I don't know what to write.


Today is Carey Lawless' birthday so if you know her, you better email her. We SM's sent her a gift certificate for and a card. YAY! Although I think we would all agree we are doing fine without her, *sigh* I think we all miss her. No, I KNOW we all miss her.

Have you seen little Orlando? The youngest Sham-a-lam-a? He's ADORABLE! O M G!!!!!!

What else? Hmmm....

Well I guess that's all she wrote.....Literally..... heh ehhehehehehehe


Tuesday, May 9

Ahhh the Company Meeting and the BBQ

Change change change

That's the theme this year.

The Company meeting was no exception! Fred opened with a joke about his lack of real hair. YES HE DID! Alan Ames killed with some jokes about how tough he is. Jim and Kathleen gave moving and eloquent speeches about being true to the words and bringing truth to a world filled with spin doctors. Scott told us who is now doing what and they all stood up so we could check them out!
Heather told us that we are living on PLANET BARD (and was quite PUNNY!!!)
Eric told us not to piss her off by coming to the Sugar Shack window at intermission. She also ordered new jacket styles and they are cool! (I got the polar fleece one!!!!!)

There were no give away's at the Ellis Island portion of our journey this year...... *snif*

BUT Bresnan cable was there as well as Gold's Gym and Wells Fargo.

The Festival provides basic cable for Equity members. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT????!!!!??????? It's just a perk they give us, they aren't required. I love them for this. We really only get 12 channels (but we get 2 versions of each on so we really have 24!). YAY!

Anyway, back to the meeting. So Fred didn't give his "you will get dry in places you didn't know you had" speech to the full company. I heard he did give it to the actors though, so that's good. No one told us not to say the F word or how bad it is to say the G word in this we are just passing that word around.

The meeting was short and pretty fun. I was not bored once. NO REALLY!

Okay here is a piece of gossip-like info..... the Bowling Party is not listed on our parties list. Heather said at the meeting that it didn't mean we AREN'T having one, just that it has not yet been scheduled. Hopefully it will all get worked out! No bowling party would just be sad!

The BBQ was only okay. I'm not going to lie to you. It was in the Adams Courtyard (probably because they were afraid it was going to rain) AND THE COURTYARD IS TOO FREAKING SMALL FOR ALL OF US!!!!!! The tables were so close together that fat asses like me couldn't get through without bumping people on both sides. Plus there were not enough chairs for everyone. The food is always the same and that's cool. The cookies were AWESOME this year though. Lots of homemade and only a few store bought. The prizes were very small. Only about 4 or 5 things to the company members and about the same for the Guild. (Although I would have rather had ANY of the Guild's prizes - - dinner at Milt's and a trip to Zion Nation Park) over our stuff (Pasta Basket - Laundry Basket - Breakfast Basket) but I have been here for a while and so I have all the stuff they were giving out. Remember the days of 20 or more prizes scattered over the course of a couple hours? That was cool.

Well at this BBQ the speeches were short (although I am now in love with a guy who I think is part of the Utah State Senate who tried to pass a bill to get a Utah Shakes license plate and who told us we help contribute 64 million dollars to the economy here - - then he told a touching story about one of his grandchildren....) and then the prizes were quick and I kid you not - - I was back home within 30 minutes. It broke up that fast. I don't know, maybe that is what the plan was, but I didn't feel like I had nearly as much fun as usual. As soon as the drawings were over the whole party seemed to exit en masse. BOO! What happened to hanging out and meeting people??? Well I left too so I can't really talk, eh???????

Anyway - - the new job is cool but weird all at once. I am not involved with any shows! BOO! but I know who everyone is so watch out! heh heh heh

Okay an update soon, but I hope I will even know any gossip since I am only in the office.


Tuesday, May 2

Watching American Idol....

Yup, it's true. People are in the living room and we are all looking at the TV watching people sing. Right now we are watching Katherine and she is not doing so hot.

I have not unpacked or even gotten my stuff out of storage but I am glued to the awfulness of the Katie Holmes lookalike. Oh my they told her they liked her dress... wow.

OKay so the first day of work was fun. We went to the Pastry Pub, then we got our pictures taken, got keys and went to lunch. Next, I went shopping with Jamie for a long time. Oh is that the end of my day? Yup! heh heh

The SM's are all cool and I am excited to get moving. ...... someday I will really.